5 Common Causes That Make Your Skin Oily

Image : © Mqdee People love shiny hair, shiny cars and glittery jewelry! But a shiny face doesn’t receive the same appreciation. Yes, oily skin not only affects your beauty, but can be frustrating too. It can easily ruin your makeup and can be a big pain to deal with. …

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Get Me a New Wife!

Image : © Mqdee Cosmetic surgery has become so mainstream that not only are we willing to undergo it, we now talk about it as if it is like trying a new dish at a local restaurant. But would cosmetic surgery make a perfect gift for your partner? A lot …

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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Jerusalem Artichoke

Image : © Mqdee Jerusalem Artichokes are known by several different names and they are sunchokes, sunroots, etc. This tuber is in no way related to the domestic artichoke that is cultivated in North America. Resembling potatoes, the tuber can be consumed in a number of ways. It has a …

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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Elderberry Juice

Image : © Mqdee Elderberries are dark purple fruits obtained from the ‘Sambucus Nigra’tree. These berries contain a wide variety of essential nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and mineral. These berries have long been used for medicinal purposes. Scientists have found that the juice prepared from cooked elderberry blossoms …

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6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Yerba Mate Tea

Image : © Mqdee Herbal teas are a rage today! Anybody who knows even a little about being healthy makes it a point to include these amazing teas in their daily routine. And there are so many varieties of herbal teas that you’ll surely be spoilt for choice! Yerba Mate …

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Top 10 Oxblood Lipsticks Available In India

Oxblood lips are the hottest trend doing the rounds this season. It definitely requires a lot of power and confidence to wear this color, but when done properly, it can sure help you make a bold statement. So, it’s time to think outside the box! Bid goodbye to soft pinks …

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Bridal Fitness: Get in Shape for a Wedding

Image : © Mqdee Weddings work as triggers for people who don’t usually focus on fitness and weight management in their daily lives. Why? Because weddings encourage women to look their best. Weddings are also stressful and tiring, and if you’re not big on stamina, then this could be a …

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Weight Loss Tips for Brides and Grooms

Getting in shape, losing weight and looking hot and sexy are the three main criteria for brides and grooms this wedding season. But getting stressed out while planning the wedding can lead to unhealthy habits. So, here are our top tips for weight loss for brides and grooms. Image : …

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