10 Effective Home Remedies For Pyorrhea

 Image : © Mqdee Pyorrhoea – most of us have not come across this term though a large number of people experience this problem. Confused? Well, “Pyorrhoea” is a dental condition that is caused by bacteria. In simple words, it is the inflammation of the gums which mostly affects the …

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Top 10 Online Websites That Offer Yoga Classes

Image : © Mqdee With our busy schedules and tight budget, it is not always easy to go out and join a yoga studio! However, that does not mean you have to skip your regular practice. There are countless online yoga classes that you can access, irrespective of the time …

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Top 5 Yoga Inversion Poses For Beginners

Image : © Mqdee Stress and a hectic lifestyle are slowly eating away our lives that had once been a peaceful affair. But all is not dull and dreary! You can certainly lead a happy and healthy life even in the mad rush that is the world today. With inversion …

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9 Amazing Juicing Tips For Beginners

Image : © Mqdee Juicing is one of the best ways to build fitness and live a healthy life. It is a simple, delicious, cost-effective alternative to health shakes and bars that are available in the market. Fruit and vegetable juices are packed with nutrients like essential vitamins and minerals …

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Top 10 Yoga Poses For Posture Improvement

Image : © Mqdee Have you been suffering from intense back ache and a stiff neck off-late? Your posture could be the culprit. We, quite often, do not care about the way we sit or stand, and over a period of time, this paves way for aches and sprains that …

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20 Effective Home Remedies For Pneumonia

Image : © Mqdee Natural remedies for pneumonia are much in demand. Even though it cannot do much to cure the condition, these home remedies can ease the side effects of the drugs you intake while alleviating the symptoms. This lung inflammation is normally caused by a bacteria or virus, …

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10 Effective Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Image : © Mqdee Are you suffering from piles? Commonly known as hemorrhoids, it often makes you feel both dejected and uncomfortable. Are you in search of remedies to treat this rather painful condition? Then look no further, for we have put together quite a few home remedies that can …

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10 Effective Home Remedies For Fatigue

Image : © Mqdee Have you been feeling completely tired even before half a day has passed by? So exhausted, and your head pounding so bad that you desperately want to hit the bed? You are most probably undergoing the much hated fatigue, a chronic one. Fatigue, in simple words, …

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DIY – Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub

Image : © Mqdee It is time to bid farewell to the winter season and welcome the spring season. Both our skin and lips have suffered a lot during the winters, and now it is time to scrub and massage them so that they are summer-ready. For the skin, you …

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