Top 10 Yoga Asanas For Treating Osteoporosis

Image : © Mqdee Yoga has been helping people to cure and rid themselves of various illnesses since a long time. It has been widely practiced as a means of staying fit and preventing diseases. With so many fitness and health centers coming up, yoga has consolidated its position as …

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Top 10 Baby Sunscreens For Kids In India

Image : © Mqdee One of the biggest myths about sunscreen is that we need to apply it only during summers. The harmful UV rays of the sun are always present, whether it’s summer or winter. Using a good sunscreen is equally important in winters as well as summers. With …

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Top 10 Super Healthy Foods For Your Kids

Image : © Mqdee Kids must eat only fresh, healthy and non-junk foods to stay fit. But much as we would want otherwise, kids hate eating such healthy and nutritious food. We, as parents, have to make sure that our children are eating right and getting all the required nutrition. …

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10 Common Habits That May Harm Your Health

Image : © Mqdee In the run for leading a healthy lifestyle, you will be eating, working out, and sleeping right. However, are these factors sufficient to keep health issues at bay? There are times when certain habits of ours lead to serious health issues. Here are 10 such habits that …

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10 Safe Herbs To Take During Pregnancy

Image : © Mqdee Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. However, the initial moment of excitement slowly fades away as you fall prey to various discomforts, including morning sickness, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, varicose veins, edema, and back pain. While these can cause a little uneasiness, taking the help of herbs could …

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Top 10 Baby Yoga Asanas For Your Toddler

Image : © Mqdee Baby Yoga – Top 10 Asanas Have you heard about baby yoga? If not, then you must definitely try practicing these unique baby yoga tips at home. Baby yoga is a unique combination of poses which develops the playful interaction between the child and the mother. …

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Top 10 Detangling Hair Brushes in India

Every girl must select a right hair brush, based on her hair quality or the style she wants to flaunt, in order to have a perfect hairstyle. Investing in a good quality, detangling hair brush ensures huge savings. A detangling hair brush helps in acquiring almost perfect, salon quality results …

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Top 10 Hair Dye Shampoos Available In India

Image : © Mqdee When it comes to maintaining color-treated hair, most of us feel clueless about picking the right products. The basic thing that you need to consider for this purpose is a good quality shampoo for keeping the hue of your locks intact. Top 10 Hair Dye Shampoos …

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DIY – How To Colour Your Lips Pink With Beetroot

Image : © Mqdee Tired of splurging money on expensive lip glosses and lipsticks to get those perfect pink lips? How about trying something homemade, which is completely safe, yet 100% effective? Today, we have come up with a fun, yet effective DIY treatment for your lips to make them …

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