Office Workout – 10 Effective Exercises You Can Do At Work

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With increasing workload and stress, our health has taken a turn for the worst. The tight schedules and the revolving chairs have induced momentary comfort, but have paved the way for long term ailments and discomfort. We often land up in front of the computer for long hours or resort to bad sitting postures. The office furniture is often not very cozy and even if it is, it causes harm in the long run. As a result, the problems of spondylitis, cervical pains, stooped back, vertigo, bad eyesight etc. have become common place. But you can give your body a little workout while you work! Yes, it can be done. How? Well, just read this list and you’ll be ready to go!

Office Workout Routines

1. Neck Exercise:

While at work, you must stretch all parts of the body at frequent intervals. Stretches must begin from the neck. Tilt the neck to one side for 8-10 seconds and then repeat the same for the other side. This can be done very subtly and will relieve the neck from the constant pain, which occurs due to looking at the computer screen for long hours.

2. Shoulder Loosening:

Shoulders must be rolled backwards and forward in a circular motion in order to add strength. Repeating the shoulder exercise 10 times adds to shoulder flexibility and also de-stresses your hands.

3. Wrist Stretches:

It is very wise to stretch the wrists if your daily regime involves a lot of computer work. For the computer slaves, wrists are often one of the body parts that suffer the most. Arms should be stretched with the palm facing down. The fingers must be pulled down with other hand for 3-5 seconds. This must be repeated thrice while alternating on both wrists.

4. Leg Swings:

While the legs crave a little movement, we keep them cooped on our desks. No wonder the legs complain with stiffness and pain. Leg swings are very easy to do and can provide your legs some relief. They can be performed in standing position by lifting one leg and taking it back by bending the knee and bringing it down. This office workout should be repeated 4 – 5 times for each leg.

5. Leg Toners:

Leg toners are one of the very effective office chair workouts. To perform leg toners, one must sit straight on the chair and try to lift the leg and bring it to hip level for 10 seconds. The leg must be brought down slowly and the same must be done with the other leg. This exercise should be repeated at least 15 times.

6. Using the Stairs and Moving Regularly:

Stairs must always be used during the breaks. Use of elevators must be minimized. This is a very effective workout at the office for weight loss and maintaining proper health. Getting up from the chair and taking a short walk takes just some seconds or a few minutes but does wonders in reducing the fatigue.

7. Glute Kicks:

This exercise involves standing straight on one leg and then trying to kick the hips with the other leg. Alternate it for both the legs at least 10 times to provide relief to the calves.

8. Ankle Twists:

Office exercises also facilitate stress relief. Appropriate way to achieve that is through ankle twists. These can be performed by stretching the ankles and twisting them 5 times clockwise and 5 times anti- clockwise. This should be repeated for the other leg too.

9. Always Keep the Back Straight:

Bad back postures are often responsible for all the cervical troubles. The back should always be in a straight line with the neck. If you bend your neck too low, you will develop pain. Avoid reclining on the chair. Even if reclining is a must, the erect posture must be maintained.

10. Eye Exercise:

The list of office workouts for proper health is incomplete without eye exercises. You must move your eyes away from the computer every 10 minutes, blink the eyes, look at a point 10 ft away, then look at another point and then get back to the screen. It relaxes the eye muscles and keeps the eyes fresh.

Despite the fact that life expectancy has increased, the quality of life has reduced considerably. If we compare ourselves with our grandparents, we will find that they had more endurance. It is always a good idea to keep working on our fitness levels. Whether you go to the gym regularly or are too busy to do so, the above mentioned office exercises can help you stay healthy while being busy.

Are you too busy to work out? Have you ever tried any of these office workout routines? Did they help you? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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