Natural Remedies for Pain Relief

How many of us think twice before popping in a painkiller to treat that mid day headache or backache? It’s convenient to opt for a painkiller to relieve pain but that’s not the only option. Excessive intake of painkillers can cause your body to get immune to it, rendering those pills ineffective over time. However, did you know that there are several natural remedies too that can help ease pain? These natural remedies have been used since ancient times for pain relief. So whether it is headache, backache, join pain or muscle pain, try these natural remedies to heal the pain.
GingerGinger contains phytochemicals that can help reduce inflammation. It can also help increase circulation which can heal joint pain effectively. Mix some ginger to your herbal tea and drink it to relieve pain.

This ancient spice is well known for its healing properties. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps control and ease pain. Apart from that turmeric also supports circulation, immunity, tissue repair, detoxification and has many more health benefits too.

Eucalyptus contains tannis which is very helpful to reduce swelling and pain. Eucalyptus oil is particularly helpful to heal joint and muscle pain.

Olive oil massage
Olive oil contains oleocanthal which is known to prevent the production of two enzymes that cause inflammation. Use this oil to massage the inflamed area to relieve the pain. Use virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil for better results.

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