Most Effective Remedies to Ease All Your Menstrual Problems

Every woman awaits and dreads those few odd days that strike every month. Menstruation is much more complex than just the menstrual flow. Most women face a number of menstrual problems ranging from irregular flow, severe cramping, profuse bleeding, bloating, etc. These symptoms often take a toll on a woman’s mental well-being too, making her moody and irritable. If you know what we’re talking about, then you may want to read further as we give you a few effective remedies that will help ease all your menstrual problems.

Remedies for irregular periods

• Boil 10 grams of Tulsi seeds with water and drink it regularly in the morning. (repetitive, already mentioned in the caption)
• Boil Sesame seeds (black til) and Treacle (gur) with water and drink this concoction three to four times a day.
• Take the pulp of a unripe papaya and blend it with a glass of water. Drink it twice a day.

Remedies for menstrual cramping

Ginger is very effective as a cramp reliever. Add ginger to your tea and drink it several times a day to ease menstrual cramping. If you aren’t much of a tea drinker; you can also use half a spoon of ginger in boiling water and drink it.
• Eat more citrus fruits like oranges and lemons to increase the iron absorption as your body loses its iron stores during menstruation. This remedy in turn will help ease the abdomen pain.

Remedies for heavy flow

• Take dried pomegranate peel and grind it to a fine powder. Mix it with a pinch of sugar and take one spoon of this mix three times a day to prepare an effective remedy for excessive bleeding.
Ginger can also prove to be an useful remedy to ease excessive menstrual flow. Add it to your tea or simply drink it with hot water.

Remedies for bloating

• Drinking more water during menstruation is the most effective way to ease bloating. Make sure you sip water all through the day and consume at least 2 litres each day.
• Eating potassium rich foods will also help regulate the fluid retention in your body. Pick potassium rich foods like banana, spinach, tomatoes, nuts, etc.

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