Love McDonald’s? Then You Are Not Going To Like What’s Being Done To It

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Remember McDonald’s that lip-smacking cheeseburger stuffed with shreds of colourful veggies? Or the famous Filet – O – Fish sandwich which can leave you licking your fingers for good Maybe your stomach rumbles in hunger every time you see a hot chicken sandwich, doesn’t it?

If that is the case, then you must be a true McDonaldian. Thumbs Up!

Alright, let me stop beating around the bush and come to the point. There is some bad news for you; if you happen to be living in Russia. Because what were your hot favourites on the McDonald’s menu, may not be available anymore.  The Russian government has decided to ban them.

You are now staring at the screen with your mouth wide open. I can see that. I totally understand.
But the situation caused by the Russian government is temporary. Because there are chances of the government banning the entire chain of outlets itself in the future.


Anna Popova, the head of a Russian consumer protection agency, says that they have identified certain violations of government nutritional codes which put the existence of the products and the outlets as well, in a big doubt. The agency has also said that McDonald’s products have too many calories in them.

Well, we have to agree with the calorie part. But then, McDonald’s has been there in Russia since 1990.  And the products have the same amount of calories now as they did back then. This anti-McDonald flare-up never happened before. So why only now?

A good point, isn’t it? If we study the actual facts, something else surfaces.

If We Look A Bit Deeper…

There have been escalating tensions between the Russian and US governments for quite some time. This was because of the annexation of Crimea, a Ukrainian Peninsula, by Russia; and of which the West did not approve.

So, could this move be nothing but a political motive under the guise of a widely circulated nutritional concern? Maybe.

Or maybe not.

Even in the past, food imports were badly affected of geopolitical tensions in Russia. Imported products like wine and cheese had to succumb to political pressures and ended up banned. The Associated Press, an American news agency reported that the Russian consumer protection agency is alleged to often initiate legal action for political gains.

On the contrary, the Russian consumer protection agency stated that two McDonald’s products, the Caesar wrap sandwiches and a vegetable salad were contaminated with unhealthy bacteria which could cause food poisoning. It also said that the fast food company is deceiving its customers by providing exaggerated and incorrect nutritional values of its products.

Something Interesting

If we chuck the political jargon, there is another interesting thing that appears. According to a poll conducted by SuperJob’s Research Center, over sixty two percent Russians supported their government’s decision of moving against McDonald’s. Their response was more of a patriotic one; showing that they encouraged the expansion of more domestic cuisines than US based ones.

Okay. Looks like your taste buds are sapped by now and you are in an urgent requirement of something that is fatty, meaty and calorific. Just hop in to the nearest McDonald’s and relax.

Because you never know when they will ban the fast food chain in your country!

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