Know Your Drugs: Benzocaine Powder

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Benzocaine is a chemical usually used to counteract many health related problems. It is used as a topical pain reliever or in cough drops. It is one of the most active ingredients that could be used with various non prescription medicines and especially with anaesthetic ointments. Due to extreme change in the lifestyle of people, there has been a huge demand for various pain killing drugs in order to eliminate the amount of stress that usually people experience.

Different pharmaceutical companies are carrying out constant research to develop such medicines that could help in relieving the stress of people. It could provide relief to those who are suffering from certain kinds of ailments. So whenever one comes across suggesting different names for pain killers, the most popular names which could be suggested are benzocaine, phenacetin, procaine and lidocaine.

These pain killers or stress relieving drugs are available at various medical stores and their uses are expanding in this field of treatment. Benzocaine is quite popular in the pharmaceutical industry too. Various companies are using this chemical to form various effective pain killing products in the form of gels, ointments as well as other pain killing drugs. It can also be used with the combination of antipyrine in order to form A/B otic drops for relieving ear pain as well as in removing earwax.

As the implication and usage of benzocaine involves several health risks, one needs to know certain things before its use. Let us have a look at that:

As it is used by different pharmaceutical companies in order to manufacture various drugs with different brand names, the majority of its products are meant for pain killing treatments. A significant percentage of benzocaine is added to drugs and are used as pain killers.

Benzocaine can also be used as anaesthesia. The majority of dental surgeons choose this drug for minor surgeries. It helps in blocking the nerve signals that gives sensation of pain. It can be also used for the discomfort caused due to skin irritations, sunburn, sore throat and many more problems.

The intake of benzocaine should always be in the correct amount, as excess intake could result in major side effects. Its dosage should be taken under the guidance of physician as it could prove to be hazardous if consumed through mouth or throat in excessive quantities. The excess usage of this drug will reduce the oxygen level in the blood stream, resulting in a health condition termed as methemoglobinemia.

These days it has become quite easy and effortless to buy benzocaine due to the existence of so many online stores that supply this drug in bulk. Therefore, before buying this drug you need to consult it with your doctor and most importantly when you are having your other medications too. In majority of the cases, this drug can’t be taken along with any other type of drug.

*Data Courtesy: Daniel Clark, a renowned physician and pain killer specialist. He has a vast knowledge about drugs like benzocaine, phenacetin, procaine and many more. He is sharing an overview of these kinds of drugs and its field of usage.

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