Killer Chest Workout At Home

Do you crave for a killer chest like Hugh Jackman, Eddie Cibrian or David Beckham? But are tired of training without results. Than try this killer chest workout by Fitness Expert Vinod Channa, this challenging and effective workout will make you hunt for a bigger sized shirt after training without equipments

These are extreme hardcore killer chest workout at home without equipment.

In chest workout we need to work on all three heads of chest muscles.

Warm up- spot jog for 5 to 10min.
Then suryanamaskar- 2 sets and 15 reps.
After that push ups- 1set-15 reps
Push ups and burpies- 2sets-15 reps
After that Dragon push ups- 1 set

Dragon push ups: Put your right hand and left leg forward with your chest forward and then put your left hand and right leg forward with chest forward.  Trying to pose like a Dragon during push ups. will not only work your chest but your core muscles and shoulder and triceps muscles.

Superman Push ups; This exercise targets the core, triceps and bicep muscles. In this pose you have to keep your elbow in while going down and while coming up extend your triceps and one leg and then the other leg and lift your hand ina Superman pose. This way you can alternate with the right and left hand and the opposite leg.

Finger tip Push ups
In this pose we are trying to build up finger, joint wrist and shoulder  with the pectoral muscles.

Plank push ups (Lilliane push ups)
These push-ups require you to keep the hand in front of the head, legs wide apart and then do push-up. This works the core, wrist and pectoral muscles.

Clap and push up
Jump up and clap your hands and go down and push-up with low impact and chest press.

Single hand push up
Try this push-ups using your hand to support your weight.

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