Is Portion Control The Key To Weight Loss?

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Are you having trouble losing weight? Is your exercise regimen not giving you the adequate results? Well, Then you need to look at other ways to lose weight. The best solution would be portion control.
If you have been on the quest to lose weight, you must have heard about portion control a number of times. Almost all diets recommend it, after all! But what exactly is portion control?

Most people trying to lose weight tend to eat according to a weight loss plan. But even when on a diet, most people tend to consume unlimited amount of low calories or non-fattening food. This could be the reason you are not losing weight! No matter how low the calories are, unlimited amount can actually add up to more calories than you need to consume.

Counting Calories:

Count calories is difficult, however, it is important to keep a track of what you consume if you want to have a good weight loss result. Consumption of lesser calories and exercise can help you lose more weight.

When you start monitoring the portion size, you will automatically decrease the amount of food you eat. This in turn will help you consume fewer calories.

Portion Plate for Weight Loss – Eat All Healthy Food Types:

Controlling portion does not mean cutting down on certain food and eating only food less in calorie. A healthy diet should include all types of food necessary for a healthy body. Fatty and fried food should be completely avoided though. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables that are low in calories but high in nutritive values like vitamins and minerals.

The fad diets that ask you to completely avoid certain kinds of food tend to fail in the long run, as one cannot carry on with such a diet throughout the life. Once you are back to your normal diet, you tend to regain all the weight you lost with much effort.

Ways to Consume Lesser Calories:

  • Before a meal, drink a glass of water. This will help you to consume fewer calories.
  • Never skip a meal, as you will tend to overeat at your next meal.
  • You should eat three meals and a snack every day for healthy weight loss.
  • Do not load the table with too much food, as it will tempt you to eat more.
  • Eat as slowly as you can and chew your food properly. This will help you consume less food and satiate you faster.
  • Use a smaller plate so that you eat smaller meals that fit in the plate.
  • Get up from the table as soon as you finish your meal. Do not linger on, which may tempt you to try a second helping.

Visual Aids for Portion Control:

Weight loss with portion control is not all that difficult. Yes, you cannot carry a cup or a weighing machine everywhere you go to keep a track on your portion. But you can definitely use some common visual aids that can help you determine the appropriate portion size.

  • A vegetable or fruit should be the size of your fist.
  • An adequate portion of meat should be the size of your palm or the size of a deck of cards.
  • Have an apple the size of a baseball.
  • Snacks like chips should only be a handful.
  • Bagel the size of hockey puck is all you need.
  • Pasta the size of one scoop of ice cream is sufficient.
  • Potato the size of a computer mouse.
  • Have steamed rice the size of a cupcake wrapper.
  • Pancake should be the size of a compact disc.
  • Cheese you eat should be the size of your whole thumb or a dice.

Put food like rice, vegetables, curry etc., in a measuring cup according to the portion to be consumed and then put it on a plate. Practice a few times, and you will able to determine the correct portion size.
These simple tips will go a long way in controlling how much you eat, keeping you healthier and less prone to diseases.

I hope the meaning of ‘portion size’ is now pretty clear to you. Monitoring your portion size is no rocket science but it does require practice. Stick to it and soon you will understand your portions without the help of visual aids. And soon, it will become a habit that will last a lifetime. A lifetime of healthy eating and looking beautiful!

Is portion control for weight loss a part of your diet plan? How do you monitor the portions you eat? Share your ideas and experiences on portion plate for weight  loss with us in the comments section.

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