Insanity Workout – How to Do And What Are Its Benefits?

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Are you tired of the love handles that just won’t budge despite the strict diet? Or the flabby stomach that refuses to tone down, no matter how many hours you slog in the gym? Why don’t you try the Insanity workout? Wait! There is nothing insane about the insanity workout! It is a 60 day high intensity weight loss program with a hectic workout routine spanning 6 days a week that is packed with ceaseless activities testing strength, resistance, power, and core training.

The Insanity Workout Routine:

The Insanity workout program is based on ‘Max Interval Training’ concept. While traditional interval training requires you to exercise in intense but short bursts separated by longer resting periods, the Max Interval Training method makes you exercise intensely in 3 minute bursts with a mere 30 second resting period in between.

Like any other workout regimen, this ‘insane’ workout routine too starts with some warm up insanity exercises. It usually involves a few rounds of jogging, jumping side to side, jumping jacks, kicking moves done back to back and finally a few minutes of stretching.

In the 60 ensuing days, the workout schedule is changed every week. In the first month, five intense workout routines are done alternatively. These routines include: The Fit Test, Cardio Power and Resistance, Pure Cardio, Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Cardio Recovery.

In the second month, four more intense workouts are introduced into the routine: Max Interval Circuit, Max Interval Plyo, Max Recovery and Max Cardio Conditioning.

While all these routines seem to be complicated variations of regular exercises, they are actually complex combinations of stationary sprinting, squats, lunges, plyometrics, sports-like drills, kickboxing and jumping jacks. There are a number of variations of these workouts and as you progress into the program, the repetitions are increased, making it an uphill task.

Diet Plan:

As the insanity workout program is very intense and requires a lot of stamina, it is important that your body receives optimum nutrition. While you may be inclined to reduce your intake of food, do remember that this will adversely affect your fitness routine as the body will tend to go into ‘starvation mode’ and start storing fat instead of mobilizing it! The Elite Nutrition Plan of this program recommends eating five meals a day with a low glycemic index. This nutrition plan lists out a number of items from each food group—you can easily combine these items and create a meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The meals should have equal parts of protein and carbohydrates with a maximum of 20% fat.

Benefits of Insanity Workout Schedule :

There are several benefits of this intense fitness regime:

  • It helps in imparting greater cardiovascular fitness, making your heart work hard.
  • The workouts alternate and change every day, which means you will never get bored of performing the same exercise day after day.
  • It does not require any equipment, unlike most other fitness programs. So you can easily do it at home.
  • The nutritional plan gives a good idea about your optimum food intake in terms of servings and nutritional value.
  • Even after the fitness program is over, following this guide can help you stay in shape.
  • Even if you don’t have a high level of fitness, you can follow the workout regimen by setting your own pace and doing the number of repetitions that work for you.When it comes to defining the workout program, the name is enough. This indeed is an insane workout program that pushes your physical and emotional limits to the edge. While many crumble before reaching the finishing line, those who are able to maintain the intense level of strenuous fitness activity are bestowed with greater cardiovascular fitness and a lean, chiseled body.

However, the real challenge is to keep your willpower high and stay motivated to finish the program. If you can do it, you will certainly be a healthier and more attractive person at the end of 60 days.

Have you ever heard of the Insanity Workout program? Have you tried it? Do give it a try and share with us your experience!

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