How to Pole Dance to Good Health

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Pole dancing is not just a dance workout; it is also a dance form to improve your mental health. Check out how to pole dance your way to good health. 

Pole dancing benefits:1) Pole dancing induces weight loss as it incorporates fat burning exercises. You can burn 250 calories in one session of pole dancing.

2) Tone different muscle groups with pole dancing.

3) This dance workout also helps build lean muscles.

4) Pole dancing also improves flexibility, thereby reducing the risk of muscle pull or injury. It also improves balance.

5) Pole dancing brings boosts your confidence. If you have low self-esteem, try pole dancing.

6) This form of dance improves posture, so it is beneficial for those who have a desk job.

7) Pole dancing improves your mood and reduces stress.

How to Pole Dance:
Firstly dress appropriately for pole dancing. It is recommended that one should wear a sports bra and shorts or clothes that reveal the arms and legs. Avoid applying any lotion or cream before a pole dance session. As with any exercise, it is advised to stretch before your get on the pole.

Get a good trainer, so that the movements can be catered to your needs. The trainer may begin with simple steps like the wrap around move and then move on to how to do the basic climb. The other steps include the fireman move and transitional move.

In India, the only known pole dancing instructor is Lavina Khanna, from Pulse – The Studio in Mumbai. Shipa Rane is another instructor for pole dancing in Mumbai from Dare and Bare studio.

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