How To Perform Lunges Correctly With Step By Step Instructions

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Are you yearning to get strong and shapely legs and firm buttocks with your workout? Well, you have come to the right place, as lunges are just what you need. Not only will you have strong and powerful legs and a great looking derriere, you also will be working out your abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads and hips with this one exercise. However, it is imperative that you learn to do a lunge properly. If you don’t, you will not find lunges helping you whatsoever and you also risk serious injuries, especially to your back and knees.

If you do a lunge the right way, not only will you work out several muscles, it also will help improve your stability and posture. That is why it is necessary that you learn to do a lunge the right way. Thankfully, you can learn the method quite easily.

Doing Lunges Correctly:

Whether you decide to do lunges at home or in a gym, there is just one way to do it properly. Stand straight and let your feet face forward. Keep your feet together and ensure you place your weight on the middle of the feet. Keep your hands at your side. Bend them at the elbow and position them on your hips. Remember to keep your head straight and do not exert pressure on your neck. This is the starting position to do lunges.

Step 1: Take your right foot and place it one to two feet forward. Remember, the distance between your right and left foot will depend on your height. The taller you are, the longer your step. However, take care not to keel over!

Step 2: Now bend your right leg at the knee until the knee is positioned over the foot.

Step 3: As you bend your right knee, lift the heel of your left foot. When you do this, automatically, your left knee will bend.

Step 4: Get both knees at an angle of 90 degrees with the floor.

Step 5: Now shift your entire weight to the balls of your feet. You may have to take your right foot a little forward to do this, but it is fine.

Step 6: Assume the starting position and repeat. You also can switch feet at this point. The idea is to do lunges with each leg several times and give your muscles a good workout.


  • Make sure you breathe normally while doing the exercise. Try to exhale when doing the lunge and inhale when you assume the starting position. If you do not breathe while exercising, it will make it difficult for you to workout.
  • Focus on working out your muscles rather than the momentum.

Faux Pas to Avoid:

  • There are some common mistakes people make while doing lunges. As a novice, you should be looking to avoid making these mistakes.
  • Most people lean forward while doing lunges. Focus on keeping your upper body erect and straight.
  • There are some who tend to use momentum to elevate their body. This is wrong, as you will not be completing your lunge if you use momentum.
  • Bending the head down to look at the feet. If you do this, you risk getting cramps in your neck.
  • Letting the front knee bend beyond the toes. This can cause knee injury, as it puts too much stress on your knee.
  • Allows both knees to touch the floor rather than letting the knees come close to the floor surface.

It is best to either watch a video on how lunges are done correctly or take help from a qualified instructor at the gym. If you avoid making mistakes from the very beginning, you will be able to do lunges properly. In case you find it difficult to bend your knees and feel you are leaning to one side, you also can take the support of a chair to help you do lunges.

Once you master how to do a lunge properly, you can modify the exercise to make it more challenging for your body. Try holding dumbbells in both hands while doing the lunges. This also will work out your shoulders and arms and help your back stay straight.

So what are you waiting for? Yes, lunging is as simple as explained, and the way to go for a firm and fit body! Begin lunging a few minutes a day, and gradually increase the intensity for a great form that is sure to win you compliments!

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