How To Make Orange & Carrot Mix Juice

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The goodness of carrot and orange in one glass? Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? A combination of carrot and orange juice is extremely beneficial for health and makes for a refreshing drink early in the morning or after a long day of work. The juice is extremely nutritious as it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and beta-carotene. As a result, carrot-orange juice helps to boost the body’s immunity system, aids in blood clotting, reduces the risk of cancer, preserves and improves vision, and helps in the quick healing of external wounds. Vitamins A, K and C in the juice are excellent for the body. The high potassium content in the juice helps to reduce cholesterol and boost the body’s metabolism. Carrots and oranges together are a good source of many vital nutrients required for the healthy functioning of the body.

Steps to Make Orange Carrot Juice:

If you are looking to increase the intake of carrots in your daily diet, drink one glass of carrot-orange juice as soon as you wake up. Follow the steps to make a glass of fresh carrot and orange juice to kick-start your morning:

Step 1: Wash and Clean Your Carrots and Oranges

If you are serving a family of four, then wash about eight carrots and two oranges under cold water. Ensure all dirt and grime is washed off. You can also use a vegetable scrubber or a brush to clean the carrots thoroughly. Cut off the leafy green part of the carrots. You can eat these separately or make stew or soup after thoroughly washing and boiling the leafy portion.

Step 2: Chop Your Carrots and Oranges

Once your carrots and oranges have been washed thoroughly, peel the skin with a vegetable peeler and chop the carrots into small pieces. Alternately, if you have a blender or food processor, you can puree the carrots directly. Add the carrots and oranges to the food processor and process till the carrots are finely chopped. You might have to add a little water if your carrots are not very moist. You do not have to chop oranges. Peel the oranges and add directly to the food processor or blender after removing the seeds. If you do not have a food processor, juice the orange by squeezing them well.

Step 3: Add Water

Once you have pureed your oranges and carrots, you should have a pulp or mash that is easy to pour out into a bowl. Pour the puree to a bowl or a large glass and add about two cups or 500ml of warm water to the puree. Stir well to make a homogenous solution. Ensure the pulp does not sink to the bottom; otherwise the juice will be diluted.

Step 4: Steeping the Mixture

Allow the mixture to steep for about fifteen minutes. This helps to enhance the taste of the juice by allowing the orange-carrot juice to mix thoroughly with the warm water.

Step 5: Strain the Mixture

If you like bits of vegetable and fruit in your juice, you can retain the pulp, stir well and drink the juice. If you are not comfortable with drinking the mash and would like only clear liquid, strain the mixture into a 2 liter or 2 quart pitcher to obtain clear juice. While straining, keep stirring the carrot-orange pulp to ensure you squeeze the maximum pulp out of the mash. If there is sufficient juice in the pulp that you cannot extract by squeezing or stirring, pour the pulp through a jelly strainer to get maximum juice.

Step 6: Adjust the Level of Water

You can adjust the quantity of water in the carrot-orange juice, which depends on whether you like your juice strong or diluted.

Step 7: Serve Warm or Cold

You can serve the juice depending on the weather. Summer calls for cold juice while warm or lukewarm juice works well during winters. If you like your juice cold, leave a glass of carrot-orange juice in the refrigerator for about thirty minutes and serve.

Carrot orange juice is refreshing, rejuvenating, and extremely good for health. Enjoy your daily dose of vitamins and minerals with fresh, delicious glass of juice! And serve it to your guests too!

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