How to Increase Height with Yoga?


Growing children are under pressure to increase their height. Try these methods to increase height naturally with these tips.

Generally children are told to hang from a bar or cycle to increase their height, but we look at the age old method that is intrinsic to India. We look at how yoga can be used to increase height and grow naturally.

These are the yoga exercises to grow naturally:

1) Suryanamskar: Surya Namaskar comprises a sequence of 12 yoga postures. If done at a fast pace, surya namaskar provides a good cardiovascular workout. At a slower pace, the postures help tone the muscles and can be relaxing and meditative.
Try out Surya Namaskar for Beginners

2) Shavasana: Shavasana, is an asana to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. It is also known as Corpse Pose. This asana is one of the easiest asanas to get into but the most difficult to practice. It helps in decreasing heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, general anxiety, and panic attacks.
This technique is popularly known as the downward facing dog. Place your palms and knees on the yoga mat with your knees aligned directly under your hips and your hands a little ahead of your shoulders. This posture should be such that your toes are facing upwards. Now, exhale and slightly lift your pelvis away from the floor. Do not allow your head to dangle freely and hold it firmly in between your arms. Maintain this posture for minute or two and then relax. Repeat this for a total of 5-6 times per session.
Try out Shavasana: Revive Your Mind, Body and Soul

3) Trikonasana (Triangle pose): The triangle pose stretches the legs, chest, hips and spine and also strengthens them.

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