How to Get Slimmer Hips


With an Indian figure, hips are one problem area that most women find difficult to tackle. In order to get that sexy svelte body you’ve admired in so many women, the hips and the butt definitely need to be toned and tight. Today we’ll tell you how to get sexy if hips are your problem area and also what you’ve probably been doing wrong so far. Many mistakes made in your regular workout routine could have resulted in disproportionately larger hips. So read on for tips on how to get slimmer hips.

But first up – here are some don’ts

  • Only cardio – If you do only cardio (jogging to be precise) you will end up burning all the calories you’ve consumed but it hardly has much impact on your glutes and hips. Instead it impacts your chest and upper body because of the high intensity movement. Therefore, you may find yourself disproportionately losing weight on your upper body.
  • Targeted workoutsSpot reduction is a myth. Targeting a particular body part like your hips is not the way to go for fat loss. Workouts that burn fat all over are the only ones that will help you lose weight on your problem areas. Exercises targeted to toning the hips and butt are fine but only when they are a small part of a much larger plan.
  • Glutes are very inactive – In today’s lifestyle we spend a lot of time sitting, which is an unnatural position. Therefore, your glutes become very inactive and thus weight gain happens in the hip area. 

The truth about fat loss

Your aim here should be burning fat instead of losing weight. Your ultimate aim should be to workout in a way that fat loss takes place and once you do lose fat, you will notice a marked reduction in your problem areas.

Workouts for fat loss

  • Intense weight training using compound movements like squats, dead lifts, bench presses, rows, overhead presses, etc. in the 6-15 rep range. Choose 4-6 exercises and do 2-3 sets of each. 
  • Bodyweight exercises like pushups, squats, pull ups for high number of repetitions.
  • 6-20 times 50-100 meters sprints with 2 minute walking recovery in between.
  • Playing sports like tennis, badminton, soccer etc.
  • Mixed martial arts classes.

Yoga for stronger glutes
– Yoga helps stretch out your glutes as due to excessive sitting our glutes are barely used and therefore need to be stretched out. Yoga with its many postures strengthens and gainfully employs these sleeping muscles like the core and the glutes, so that they gain power and come to life again. These muscles are vital if you want to get slimmer hips.

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