How To Exercise On Stepper Machine And What Are Its Benefits?

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Has your doctor been telling you to ditch the elevator at work and start taking the stairs? If you are still not keen on following your doctor’s advice, maybe it is time to invest in a stepper exercise machine. Once you know how to use it properly, you will benefit from it immensely.

What is a Stepper Exercise Machine?

A stepper exercise machine, as the name denotes, is a machine that mimics the feeling of climbing up or walking down the stairs. This machine gives your legs a workout without you actually having to climb the stairs. You stay at the same place and work your legs up and down. A stepper machine does not require too much time, but it can immensely benefit your body.

Benefits of Using a Stepper Exercise Machine:

If jogging or doing a cardio workout seems too strenuous for you, this machine is the perfect solution. Some of the benefits that you can enjoy while using the machine include the following:

  • Low-impact cardiovascular workout
  • Strengthening your leg muscles and buttocks
  • Shedding excess weight
  • Building your stamina
  • Strengthening your heart
  • Lowering your cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Giving your core muscles in the lower back and abdomen a good workout

In order to enjoy these wonderful benefits of using the stepper exercise machine, you should first know how to use the machine properly. So without much ado, here are some tips on how to do exercises on this machine.

Using the Stepper the Right Way:

It is important to remember that usually stepper exercise machines built for home usage are not completely computerized. You can choose your level of resistance and speed from the range it offers. In case, you do invest in a fully computerized machine, start with a low resistance level and gradually increase it over a period of a few weeks.

Here are the steps to use the stepper machine the right way:

  • Place your feet firmly on the step.
  • If your stepper exercise machine has a handle or resistance cord, hold on to it. Or else, bend your elbow and hold it half way up your body, just the way you would hold your hands while jogging. Form a fist and move your hands back and forth.
  • Ensure your upper body is erect and upright.
  • Push one foot against the stepper when the other foot rises. Now repeat the procedure with the other foot. This will create an illusion of walking up the stairs, the stair stepper.
  • Start on a low speed and attempt to continue the exercise for about 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Over a period of time, you can increase not just the speed, but also the resistance and duration of the exercise.

A Word of Caution:

  • Be sure to place the stepper exercise machine on flat and level ground. Never place it on a carpet or rug.
  • When working out on the machine, be sure to wear the right shoes, so that your feet have adequate cushioning and do not get injured or fatigued.
  • Always start the exercise slowly and ensure you are properly balanced on the machine before you decide to speed up things.

Add Variety to Your Exercise Routine on Steppers:

Just simulating walking up and down the stairs can get boring and monotonous. This is one of the main reasons why people give up on the stepper exercise machine. You can create variety while working on the machine by doing strength training simultaneously. Hold dumbbells in your hands while working out and this will strengthen your arms and shoulders.

A stepper exercise machine can prove to be extremely good for working out your muscles besides strengthening and toning them. You will find the workout enjoyable and the machine will not take up too much space, as it can easily be stored when you are not using it.

Do not sit and wait for the right time! The right time is now. Invest in a stepper machine and work out to stay fit for years to come. Try these simple steps and build up the intensity as you get better. If you do have some variations in the way you exercise, share it with us!

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