How to Condition Your Body For Fitness Performance

Fitness can mean different things to different people. For some it is merely a state of being that avoids lifestyle diseases, keeping diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, etc at bay. For others it’s about weight loss or how to get the elusive flat stomach. But for a few, dedicated and commited few, fitness is about more than just evading disease, and more than just losing weight – it is about being the fittest one can be. For this group of motivated fitness-seekers, it is important to condition the body to avoid frequent injury and to maintain strength at a pace that keeps up with physical and mental requirements. Today, Fitness Trainer Pratik S Rao, Fitness First gives us a few insights on how this select few can condition their bodies for better fitness performance.

It’s important to keep in mind that attaining such levels of fitness is not an easy task and it involves a whole level of discipline, self-motivation and dedication. “There are many components of fitness one must look into in order to condition themselves for optimum level of fitness and performance,” adds Pratik.

Conditioning one’s self for fitness performance means doing whatever it takes to reach that point that they want to achieve; it means leaving no stone unturned. Hence one must look into all that elements that make one conditioned to reach a certain level of fitness. To prepare one’s self to perform their best in fitness levels, they have to work their mind as well and not only the body. Mind over body control is very important for a person to push to his or her maximum output.

Conditioning the body to endure such challenging tasks in order to prepare for that ultimate goal is not simple. There are a few things one must look into such as Strength, Endurance, Core stability, Balance, Flexibility which are very important, and also to name a few others such as working on Agility, Coordination , Plyometric  also plays a very important part in taking a person to such high fitness levels. To focus on such things is very essential and one must ensure that they have a certain level of competency in each and every aspect of this. In today’s fitness industry, fitness trainers are well equipped and educated to help clients reach such goals in order for them to meet such high levels of fitness , whatever the reason may be.

Sports science being an ever changing thing with much more research being done, the latest trends in the market revolve around functional training ,as these exercises mimic day to day activities, involve integrated movements and also work on different planes of motion such as Frontal plane ,transverse plane and sagittal plane .

Functional fitness goes a long way in preserving the body’s healthy posture, and ability to complete strenuous tasks without injury or fatigue. Therefore, in order to condition the body for better performance at endurance events, these aspects of multi-plane movement coupled with bodyweight and core work become crucial.

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