How To Accentuate Lip Makeup – Tutorial With Detailed Steps And Pictures

Image : © Mqdee

Lips are the sexiest part of our face, there is no denying that fact. And with a little lip makeup, we can turn our lips into objects of envy. But is applying a coat of color to your lips the only thing you need to get those perfect pouts? Absolutely not, the perfect technique, color and finish do matter when it comes to lip makeup. Today, I have created a lip makeup tutorial on how to accentuate your lips to rock a party, or any other special event.

Products Used:

Here is a list of products, which are used for this tutorial:

  • Red Lip liner
  • Red lip gloss
  • Concealer
  • Matte Medium Brown Eyeshadow
  • Foundation
  • Compact

How To Accentuate Lips Makeup Tutorial:

Read n to know more about the tutorial:

Step 1:

How to Accentuate Lips Makeup Tutorial
 Image : © Mqdee

Apply your favorite foundation and set it with compact to create a flawless makeup base. If you have hyper pigmentation around the mouth area, you should use a darker concealer and conceal all your imperfections to make your lips stand out. Then, apply your favorite lip balm and moisturize your lips. Moisturizing lips is a must prior to lip makeup. It helps in creating an even and neat finish for the lipstick.

Step 2:

How to Accentuate Lips Makeup Tutorial (2)
Image : © Mqdee

Pick a matte lip liner matching your lipstick color. Here, I planned to use a gorgeous bright red colored lip gloss, so I picked a matte red lip liner. Then, start applying the lip liner at the highest peak of your cupid’s bow and gently draw a stroke of diagonal line facing downwards.

Step 3:

How to Accentuate Lips Makeup Tutorial (3)
Image : © Mqdee

Now use the lip pencil to create another diagonal line downwards on the left peak of your cupid’s bow. You have created a perfect cupid bow shape now, which will look like a “X” shape.

Step 4:

How to Accentuate Lips Makeup Tutorial (4)
Image : © Mqdee

Use the same lip pencil and create a neat thin line at the outer perimeter of your lips. Create smaller strokes and then connect it together if you don’t have a steady hand in drawing lines.

Step 5:

How to Accentuate Lips Makeup Tutorial (5)
Image : © Mqdee

Now if you are using a lipstick, then take the lipstick in a thin lip filler makeup brush or if you are using a lip gloss, then use the lip gloss wand like a brush for precise application. Start filling your lips by placing the wand or lipstick brush at the right of your “X” pattern and then fill the left of the pattern to complete filling the upper lip. Then, completely fill your lips by following the natural curve shape of your lip.

Step 6:

How to Accentuate Lips Makeup Tutorial (6)
Image : © Mqdee

Now pick up a highlighting concealer or a lighter colored concealer. The lighter colored concealer should be at least 3 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Start by outlining your entire lip with the concealer using a thin brush. Carefully outline your lips without pulling in the concealer inside your lip area. Then, use your fingers or a sponge and blend the concealer seamlessly for a neat and natural finish and set it with a compact powder to prevent fading or creasing of the product.

Step 7:

How to Accentuate Lips Makeup Tutorial (7)
Image : © Mqdee

Then, take a matte medium brown eyeshadow in a medium sized flat eyeshadow brush and apply it gently to the center of the lower lip area. This trick is to create a plumper lips effect. But, you should remember to blend the eyeshadow evenly with a fluffy blending brush to make it appear natural. If the matte eyeshadows look slightly stark against your skin tone or if you are not comfortable working with it, then you can replace it with a darker foundation or concealer. The darker concealer has to be at least 3 to 4 shades darker than your natural skin tone.

How to Accentuate Lips Makeup Tutorial (8)

Image : © Mqdee

And there you have it—perfect lips! The shape is just the way lips should look! Who needs botox when you can make your natural lips look so good? A little practice is all you need to get this look just right!

Do try this makeup tutorial and don’t forget to come and share your experience with us—right below in the comments section.

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