How Is Orange Juice Effective For Weight Loss?


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A powerful way to boost your weight loss program is by adding various types of juices to your diet. They are no different from soups and protein shakes apart from the fact that they are derived from fruits! This is something I would highly recommend you to include in your daily diet. It keeps you miles away from overeating and energizes you from head to foot. However, always remember that merely drinking juices will not help you lose weight. Exercising regularly and following a healthy diet should also be at the top of your “to do” list. But since we are going to talk about juices today, let me focus on that exclusively!

One particular fruit that comes to mind when I think of juices is the orange. This juicy and sweet fruit is low in calories. Drinking 2 glasses of orange juice a day instead of a snack is not only going to fill up your stomach in between meals but also stop you from over indulging at the dining table! If you would like to learn more about orange juice and weight loss, you need to look no further!

Nutrition Facts About Orange Juice:

Orange Juice is one great way to kick start your day. Since orange is natural, it is packed with healthy ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins, and other elements like potassium that your body requires.

However, try not to drink too much of it since they contain a few natural sugars. A typical glass of orange juice contains about 20 grams of sugar. This is why some scientists and health professions request their patients to stay away from orange juices for weight loss. But, should you do so? Well, not exactly! If you can maintain the quantity of the drink and manage the proportions, then it’s absolutely fine! After all, weight loss is all about eating the right kind of food, in the right quantity and that is all you need to do in the case of orange juice!

How Does Orange Juice Fare Compared To Other Drinks?

Health professionals and fitness experts have claimed that a glass of orange juice is healthier compared to soda, cola, or other sweetened drinks. If you replace them with a healthy glass of orange juice, you will not only improve your health but also shed those unwanted pounds. Even though orange juice has natural sugars, soda and cola contains double the amount. And it is from orange juice that we derive all the vitamins, not from the aerated drinks! Most fitness pros have said that water is the best kind of liquid since it has zero calories. But if you would like to add some nutrition and taste to your drink, what could be better than a healthy glass of orange juice?

However, do make a note that fruit juices should be prepared at home exclusively. Do not make the mistake of buying packaged fruit juices. They contain extra sugar that spoils your health entirely.

How Does Orange Juice Lead To Weight Loss?

Now most of you must be having that one question in your mind right now! How can orange juice lead to weight loss? It’s simple! When you start drinking orange juice, you automatically start to cleanse your system, which eventually gets rid of fat. Not just that, it stops you from eating unhealthy food. Most researches have shown that drinking a whole lot of fruit juices, including orange, makes you feel full for a longer period of time and don’t let you over indulge or eat something that is against your diet. Drinking a fresh glass of juice will instead boost your metabolism, which is so important for quick weight loss.

How Should You Drink Orange Juice For Weight Loss?

Preparing orange juice for weight loss is quite simple. All you will need is a juicer or blender. Once you have prepared the drink, simply gulp it down 20 minutes before lunch. This will reduce your appetite significantly and make you eat less. You could also add some pepper to your drink to spice it up.

Eating a whole fruit is always better than drinking its juice as it contains added fiber. But juices have their own benefits. So add orange juice to your diet and get a healthy lease of life!

This wraps up our discussion on orange juice and weight loss. If you have views to share, feel free to drop a line in the comment section below.

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