How I Stopped Hating And Started Loving Myself?

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Loving oneself is the key to creating a beautiful life for oneself. We always feel we are not good enough, successful enough, rich enough or beautiful enough… Strangely the enough never seems to stop. The key to stopping this enough is to love oneself completely. To help you gain more perspective and have a foundation on which to begin your journey of self-love, here are 25 simple ways:

1. Stop The Comparison

Comparing yourself with others is a battle you will never win, because you become your own enemy. We are all born unique and we have to bring out our uniqueness with our own abilities specially gifted to us by God.

2. Reach Out To Others:

When we reach out to others regularly, and talk to people to bounce ideas around with, it keeps us away from depression and sadness. Being reminded that the world is bigger than our bubble can inspire and uplift us.

3. Be Kind To Yourself:

Focus on your positive qualities, your strength, your abilities and your admirable traits. Every one hurts, emotional pain and shortcomings. Learn to accept yourself and let go of harsh judgements and comparison to others.

4. Be Who You Really Are:

We all can pretend to be somebody we are not, but isn’t that too harsh. Loving yourself means loving the person you really are and not the person you wish you want to be.  We can try and pretend to be someone else but in the end, we only end up hurting ourselves. Just is the person that you are and learn to love yourself just like that.

5. Appreciate Your Body:

Love the imperfections of your body. Stop picking your body apart as you will never achieve perfection. Exercise as it is good for your soul and not to look good for others.

6. Find Your Inner Excellence:

Loving yourself also means doing what you love to do. There must be something that you excel at- maybe stitching patterns, working with kids or making beautiful pictures doing something you love enhances your sense of well being.

7. Spend Some Time Alone:

Learn to be alone in your discomfort. learning to be comfortable with who you are is the shift that one makes to self love. Just close your laptop, turn off  your headphones, go for an outing or a walk or meditating simply  or watch a movie is the path to personal freedom. The feeling of discomfort will go away and you will enjoy your own company.

8. Spend More Time With Your Girlfriend Or Guy Friends:

Spending more time with your friends is a good way to create quality time in your life. Relationships may or go, but friends are forever and stand by you. Cherish the moments spent with them.

9. Give Yourself A Break:

No one is perfect and neither are you. You’re. No one is. No one is happy all the time and no one lives without pain. Be willing to excuse yourself for the bad days and embrace all the emotions without judging yourself.

10. Let Go The Past:

Forgive all the people who have hurt you in the past. Carrying all your anger around is like carrying a lot of poison within you.

11. Resolve Your Issues:

Resolve the issues you have with your family. Tell them you love them and show up at family events.

12. Embrace Yourself:

The entire process of loving yourself starts with the understanding of our true nature. Loving oneself is also a process of self discovery which can happen through the process of clinical therapy or counselling. The healing process can happen through a process which will help you discover who you are and what your obstacles are for loving yourself.

13. Practice A Lot Of Positive Self Talk:

The power of positive affirmation either by repetition or simply writing them down is a very powerful tool. The practice of ‘ I love myself the way I am’ is considered to be one of the very powerful affirmation tools which clients have used successfully. The moment you stop beating yourself up is the moment  you start remembering great things about yourself.

14. Self Care Equals Self Love:

Exercise your body daily, eat nourishing food and take your daily vitamin dose if you want to be the healthiest version of yourself. get yourself a lot of iron and calcium.

15. Pamper Yourself:

Give Yourself A Good Treat. Be it in any form- A massage at your local Spa, a fancy designer purse or a plane ticket to the destination of your dreams.

16. Take Care about your appearance:

Care about your looks. Take time out to take care of your appearance so that you can feel good when you leave home. Looking good helps you in feeling good.

17. Treat others with love and respect:

When you treat other people with respect, then you also receive the same kind of respect. Gradually you will feel great joy when you start receiving smiles.

18. Create goodwill and thankfulness:

Share your knowledge by making small donations or by helping a needy person or an unfortunate child. Help a candidate or a political cause or a community project.

19. Stop People Pleasing:

You will never be able to please everybody. You won’t like everybody and everybody won’t like you. That is perfectly fine too.

20. Know how to react in a healthy way:

When someone is mean to you, you need to take a stand and say you are not going to stand this behavior. However, you shouldn’t be mean in return. In doing so, you create the same environment for others that led you to not love yourself in the first place.

21.  You Are Worth Loving:

As human beings, our inner insecurities tend to creep up. Remind yourself that many people tend to get insecure about themselves Always believe in yourself and be the confident and optimistic.

22. Be Confident:

Loving yourself does not mean grabbing all the attention and becoming selfish. It is actually a golden confidence that whispers and you know it is your time to shine and become selfless.

23. Trust Your Own Judgement:

Trust your instinct. While your instincts may work for one person, it might not work for you. Learning to trust yourself is a big part of self love.

24. Pay Yourself An Amazing Compliment:

It is okay if it takes time to come up with the perfect thing. When you come up with your compliment, take a deep breath. Say it out loud, while you look at yourself in the mirror.

25. Shift Your Focus:

Gorgeous people age, & looks fade. Look within and develop your inner beauty. Become beautiful inside to outside.

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