How I Lost 60 Pounds By Healing Myself?
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Being overweight has been a struggle for most of my life. Whenever I would go on a diet then the craving for food junk food would arise. I felt guilty after eating food. There was this constant struggle between the fluctuating weight and self esteem. I went on all form of diets and food restrictions. I fell prey to the dieting game created by weight loss companies to make a profit of millions of dollars that dieters spend year after year.

One fine day, with the help of my friend, I realized what I was doing to my body and metabolism. That is when I decided to make better choices around eating and exercise. It took me two years but I managed to loose about 60 pounds from my 5’3” frame.
After loosing this 60 pound of weight , I feel I can share some lessons from my weight loss journey. Here are some change in thoughts that helped me:

1. Weight Loss Is The Start Of A Healing Journey:

The weight loss journey is not about dieting but is the beginning of your self healing journey.Permanent weight loss is about taking complete responsibility for our own health. Going on a healing journey allows us to turn down the distractions in our life and tune in and hear the answers that live within.

2. Eating Healing Foods:

Food has the ability to change the way we look at life. When we change the quality of foods we eat, we change the way we think and feel. Healing foods are low in toxicity and allows the life force energy to increase. When we consume healing foods we experience the ability to self –heal and experience high levels of energy.

What are healing foods? Healing foods are real foods and how nature intended for them to be eaten. They are free from artificial flavourings, additives, colourings and preservatives.It is important that the food intake is yummy and full of nutrition.

3. Allow food to nourish you:

One of the most important causes we put on weight is because we become addicted to food and the greatest challenge is to overcome this addiction. Changing ones relationship with food allows the food to be a source of nourishment rather than addiction.

4. Treat Your Body With Love:

Our body is the vehicle of our spirit. It is important that we learn how to learn our body. I love yoga and pilates and completely dislike the gym sessions. If one really wants to lose the excess weight, try doing different kind of exercises to reach your ideal body weight.

5. Nurture Yourself Emotionally:

Healing your body and loosing weight is about creating an emotional world with a strong foundation. When emotions are healed one can experience happiness, love, health, energy, strength and courage. Weight loss is an easy journey if we shift our focus to healing and nurturing our emotions.

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