How Does Power Yoga Help In Weight Loss?

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“Are your struggling to lose weight? Power yoga is the best option you can ever come across”. I have lost count of the number of times I have been told this—thanks to my body structure and the extra weight I carry around! However, not many know what power yoga actually is. Is it a miracle exercise regimen that burns fat effortlessly?

The answer is a huge no. It is neither a miracle workout nor an easy routine. Power Yoga is a mix of calisthenics and traditional Ashtanga yoga. For a better explanation, I would say it is Ashtanga yoga done with a non-stop flow, the Vinyasa way, just like aerobics. The term Power Yoga was coined and popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois.

Despite their similarity in developing flexibility and strength, there is a vast difference between Power Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. The former does not have a pre-designed series of poses, yet it can be ideal for weight loss. Its super active, quick and flowing movements, put together with meditative breathing, will enable better burning of calories—more calories burnt will mean a slimmer you!

Is Power Yoga Your Perfect Choice?

Power yoga could be your choice if and only if:

  1. You are physically fit, which means no back or knee injuries
  2. You do not have breathing ailments or heart troubles
  3. You are not pregnant
  4. You love vigorous forms of exercise
  5. Your aim is to get fit while creating an inner self awareness

If you have any ailments and still wish to indulge in power yoga, then inform the trainer so that he/she can design a module that will work for you.

Benefits of Power Yoga:

Here is what you can expect from power yoga:

  1. Power yoga is a high energy yoga form with a swift pace that gives muscular and cardiovascular benefits.
  2. It helps in wading off stress and improving the endurance and flexibility of your body.
  3. The meditated breathing helps in creating harmony between your movements and breathing, ensuring that your cells are furbished with adequate levels of oxygen.
  4. The intricate workout poses of this yoga form enables you to understand your body better, allowing you to push your limits.

Power Yoga vs. Cardio Workout for Weight Loss:

Unarguably, cardio burns more calories than a power yoga workout session– to be precise, you will be able to burn double the amount of calories in a good cardio session than a power yoga one. However, cardio doesn’t streamline and tone your body or develop lean muscles while the latter does all these. Power yoga helps to burn the extra fat in your body and converts it into lean mass, contributing to a sculpted, enviable body.

How to Include Power Yoga in Your Weight Loss Workout Regimen?

If your goal is to burn fat and shed weight, then you can use a mix and match routine. In your 6 days a week workout routine, choose 2 days for power yoga. A good mix of cardio, strength training, and power yoga will help in losing weight in a better, sustainable way.

And do not forget your diet here. A strict diet, rich in healthy foods, in the right proportion, is essential along with this intense regimen. Your calorie deficit should never go beyond 500 calories a day as it could, in turn, give negative results.

Are There Any Specific Power Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss?

Well, the answer is again negative. Each power yoga session is designed as per the needs of the person. You have to meet your trainer personally and discuss with him your goals, diet, and limitations, if any. This, in turn, will help him to come up with a module that will fit your needs.

You should never choose power yoga alone as a weight loss exercise mode. Eat well, design a combo of cardio, strength training and power yoga workouts, and pep up your morale – and you will see how easily you lose those excess pounds.

Have you ever tried power yoga for weight loss? What asanas did you try? Share with us in the comments section below.

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