Homemade Foot Scrubs for Monsoon Friendly Feet

You may think that wet sticky clothes and damp hair are the worst of your monsoon woes. But the reality is that your feet suffer the most during monsoon. You feet are constantly exposed to water, muck and dampness all through the rainy season. If left ignored, this can lead to fungal infections like ring worm and could also cause itchiness and peeling of the skin.

The best and the simplest remedy to take care of your feet this season is to treat them with a good exfoliating scrub. For healthy and infection-free feet, try these homemade foot scrubs today.

Before you exfoliate your feet, soak them in warm water for 15 minutes. Now you can pick any one of the below mentioned scrubs and give your feet a little pampering.

Foot Scrub #1
Take half a cup of olive oil or baby oil and mix it with one cup of sugar. Use this mixture to scrub your feet before you take a bath. This scrub will moisturise you feet and will scrub away all dead and dry skin.

Foot Scrub #2
Mix one cup of coarse sea salt or Epsom salt with one spoon of lemon zest and a few drops of lime essential oils. Use this scrub to exfoliate your feet twice a week.

Foot scrub #3
Take two spoons of ground oatmeal and mix it with one spoon of honey, lime, olive oil and two spoons of brown sugar (regular sugar will do too). Use this scrub to gently massage your feet for smooth and soft feet.

Foot Scrub #4
Take one and a half spoon of brown sugar and mix it with one spoon of baking soda and olive oil. Scrub your feet with this mixture for monsoon friendly feet.

Once you scrub your feet, remember to moisturise them well.

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