Health Tips to Survive Monsoon Diseases

The monsoon brings with it the much-awaited relief from the summer heat, but with it susceptibility to diseases rise. Diseases common during monsoon are basically water borne diseases and gastrointestinal infections. Typhoid, diarrhoea and jaundice (infective hepatitis) are also common. Water logging leads to mixing of drinking water and sewer water leading to these diseases. Sudden change in temperature causes viral infections.

“Though all age groups are susceptible, those who are elderly and have lower immunity like uncontrolled diabetics, those on immune suppressive medicines and cancer patients on treatment are particularly vulnerable”, informs Consultant Internal Medicine Dr. Aravinda S N, Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore. He further shares health tips to fight monsoon maladies.

Since water borne diseases are common, drink water that is filtered, boiled and stored hygienically.
Eat well-cooked food when it is hot. Remember to wash all vegetables thoroughly before cooking.
Diabetics need to take extra care about getting their feet wet.
Asthmatics should ensure clothes and carpets are aired well. Ensure there is no fungal growth in walls, furniture, shoes and leather goods.
Prevent mosquito breeding by removing broken pots, covering open sumps, closing open overhead tanks.
Dietitian’s advice:
Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables
Barley, oats and brown rice is easily digested
Have curds instead of milk
Drink plenty of water
Avoid spicy food, street food and cut fruits.
Please remember that prevention is the key to protect yourself from the various health threats that monsoons carries. Taking adequate precaution is the best way to avoid monsoon-related ailments. Carry umbrellas or rain coats – you never know when it will rain during the monsoon months.

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