Grow Your Eye Lashes Long And Healthy

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What is the most striking part of your eye?

Undoubtedly your eye lashes. No matter what is your eye shape and colour, long and full lashes add an quality of mystery that make your eyes so very attractive. To give our eyelashes that dramatic look, we either use mascara or fake eyelashes. But for how long ladies? Why don’t we venture into some natural ways and solutions to grow long eyelashes? 
Eye Lashes are also Hair:

We care for our hair, so why not our eye lashes too? As routine hair care makes them healthier, taking care of our lashes will show positive results over the course of time. It is easy and you don’t even need to work so much as you do for hair. Whenever, you are trying to embark on a lash care routine, remember that the results will not be visible till the next cycle of the eyelashes. So, you will have to wait patiently for two months before you see any difference in your eye lashes.

Let us take a look at how to naturally make eyelashes longer and beautiful.

Always Remove Eye Makeup at the end of the Day:
 Makeup clogs the skin around the eyes which is very thin already. And mascara is very heavy for the lashes on the lashes. And removing it at night gives a rest to your lashes. The same rule applies here to your eye lashes as your skin as they are both equally delicate.

Also, be very gentle when you are removing your eye makeup. If you are rough with your lashes, they can become sparse and may not grow back as healthy as they are right now. Your eye lashes take longer to grow back than your hair and you don’t want to damage what you currently have.

Diet and Heredity affects Eye Lashes:

Yes, as I said, it is hair so diet also affects the density. Heredity is one of the boons or banes for hair and it affects a lot of things – density of the lashes, length of the lashes and health of the lashes. So, while heredity is not your choice, diet and lifestyle definitely is. Always keep your body healthy. A good nutritious diet not just makes you healthy but also contributes to healthier hair and eye lashes!

Oils and More Oils:

Well, our body literally craves for oil. So, do the lashes. The best oil for the lashes is Almond Oil. Do not go for coconut even if it works for your hair because coconut stings the eyes very badly. You can also mix a bit of castor oil to improve hair growth in almond oil and apply it every night on the lashes starting from the roots to the tips. Do this very gently. Get a good nights sleep everyday for a month and see how your lashes grow better in the course of a month.

Start your lash treatment right away to get long lashes and leave those fake lashes in your drawer for good!

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