Gorgeous Teal and Black Eye Makeup – Tutorial With Detailed Steps

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We at MQDEE love to doll up our readers. That is why we have this series of eye makeup tutorials to guide you through some makeup essentials. If you are looking for ways to pep up your eye makeup, this is the place to start! If you are bored of trying the same look over and over again, then try this fresh teal and black eye makeup look. Perfect for a special date night, wedding or an evening party, this look is versatile and unique.

Products Used In This Tutorial:

Let’s have a look at the list of products that are used to create the teal and black eye makeup look:

  • Loreal Million Lashes Mascara
  • Elf ultimate palette for teal, black, grey, light taupe brown and pink eyeshadow
  • Lotus Herbals Kajal Black
  • Matte cream highlighter shade from Coastal Scents
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in Teal

Teal And Black Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Read on to know the steps to create the teal and black eye makeup look:

Step 1:

We should always start any kind of makeup with hydration! To begin with, gently pat your favorite under eye cream to moisturize the delicate area. We do this because even the slightest of dry skin can make your makeup appear patchy. Start by applying and blending the cream gently with your ring finger. If you have deeply pigmented eyelids, use a salmon or orange colored corrector before concealing. This will help you hide your dark circles perfectly and also achieve an even base for the eye makeup. Then, set it with a compact powder to stop creasing of the products applied earlier.

Now apply a creamy teal base to the moving lid area and restrict it till above your eye socket or crease area of your eyes. The application of the cream base in this step needn’t be very neat as we are creating a smokey look and will smudge it later!

Use a smudger or pencil brush to gently blend the sharp edge of the cream base. Now, pick a matte or satin finished bright teal eyeshadow and apply it to the eyelid area of your eyes. Load the eyeshadow in a flat brush and softly pat the color over the smudged creamy base.

Step 2:

Pick a dark black kajal eye pencil and apply it at the innermost one third of your eyelid. Also create a small wing at the outermost V area of your eyes as shown in the image. The kajal has to be in a very nice creamy formula as it will ease blending of the product later.

Step 3:

Take a light taupe brown matte eyeshadow in a nice fluffy dome shaped blending brush. Now, softly blend out all the harsh edges of the teal eyeshadow and the creamy black kajal applied earlier to give the eye makeup a soft smokey look. Gently blend it away by imitating soft circular motions.

Step 4:

Pick a dark matte black eyeshadow and apply it to the outer most V area of your eyes. It is best to use a small pencil or dome shaped brush for this step as it will help in precise application of the eyeshadow. Please remember not to take the eyeshadow above the natural crease area as it will end up looking for fake and raccoon-like. Then, use a tapered blending brush and softly blend the black eyeshadow. Now apply a shimmery grey eyeshadow to the inner one third of the eye area to open up your eyes more. Then, apply the same matte black eyeshadow to your lower outer V area and teal eyeshadow to the rest of the lower lash line to smoke the eye makeup intensely.

Step 5:

Now, pick a soft medium pink matte eyeshadow and apply it to the eye socket area of your eyes. This step will make your eye makeup appear soft yet attractive. Then, pick a larger clean buffing brush to blend all the different eyeshadows for a seamless and even finish. Pick a matte cream eyeshadow and apply to the brow bone to lift your eyes. Apply lots of mascara to finish the eye look.

That looks good, doesn’t it? Try it and don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

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