Gorgeous Green Ombre Eye Makeup – Tutorial With Detailed Steps And Pictures

Image : © Mqdee

Your eyes enhance the beauty of your face. They have to look perfect for that reason. When you do the right makeup for your eyes, you can easily captivate and impress anyone! It is impossible for anyone to resist the attraction of sexy eyes. The hottest trend in makeup today is the ombre effect.

This makeup trick is loved by everyone, and can be tweaked to match the skin complexion. Based on an old makeup rule, this technique is used by most makeup artists across the world. Today, in an effort to offer a perfect look to your eyes, we bring you a gorgeous ombre effect eye makeup. This will work perfectly for evenings, outings and any of your special occasions.

Green Ombre Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Let’s begin the makeup:

Step 1:

Green Ombre Eye Makeup Tutorial
Image : © Mqdee

Conceal all your dark circles with a heavy duty concealer. This step will lift your eye makeup and lend a stronger definition to your eyes. We obviously don’t want to look tired and dull with those eye bags; so, do not skip this step! Here, I have used the Kryolan Derma Camouflage Concealer to hide and lighten my dark circles.

Next, let’s move towards the eye makeup. Start by applying creamy nude kohl on the innermost corner and one-third of your eye area. Then, apply a bright creamy green colored kajal to the center of the eyelid area. This step is essential to make the eye shadows appear brighter. This will also cover up any pigmentation in your eyelid area. This step needn’t be neat, as we would be smudging it later on.

Step 2:

Green Ombre Eye Makeup Tutorial (2)
Image : © Mqdee

Choose 3 different green shades in satin or shimmery finish to create an ombre effect – a light golden lime green color for the innermost and one third of the eye area, medium bright green for the center of the lid, and a darker green for the outer corner of your eye.

Start by applying the lightest of the greens to the innermost and one third area of the eye; pat the color gently and do not drag it as we want maximum color intensity for our eye shadows. You could also dampen your eye shadow brush with water and take your eye shadow, as this will bring out a richer pigmentation of the eye shadow.

Step 3:

Green Ombre Eye Makeup Tutorial (3)
Image : © Mqdee

Apply the darkest green eye shadow to the outermost corner of the eye area. This green can be slightly subtle than the green eye shadow applied earlier, or you can go deep to create a stronger ombre effect.

Step 4:

Green Ombre Eye Makeup Tutorial (4)
Image : © Mqdee

Use a medium brown eye shadow and start marking your crease area to give a soft smokey look to the eye makeup. This eye shadow has to be matte as it will give an illusion of deeper set eyes. It will also lend a softer look to the eyes.

Step 5:

Green Ombre Eye Makeup Tutorial (5)
Image : © Mqdee

Then repeat the application of the 3 different green eye shadows on the lower lash line. You could use a pencil or smudge brush to achieve this step easily.

Green Ombre Eye Makeup Tutorial (6)
Image : © Mqdee 

Step 6:

Green Ombre Eye Makeup Tutorial (7)

Image : © Mqdee

Apply a matte black eye shadow to the outer corner of your crease. Softly bring it down in the shape of a ‘C’ at the corner of the lower lash line. This step will define the eye shape a bit more than the brown eye shadow. Apply a good, creamy black kohl or gel liner to your waterline and also tight-line your eyes. Then apply lots of mascara to complete the eye look. Avoid application of thick eye liner for this look as the eye shadows are already bright and intense.

And, you are done! Wasn’t it simple and easy to try this unique eye makeup style? Be sure to try something new and different for this season! Try it and let us know.

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