GI Diet – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

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Are you looking for a simple and effective diet plan to keep a check on your blood sugar level? Do you wish to stay healthy and fit? The GI diet can help you curb blood sugar irregularities and live a healthy life.

Diets are not only meant for those who want to lose weight. Staying healthy is more important than being frail and skinny. A number of diets can help reduce risks of certain diseases. One can steer clear of several medical problems by sticking to a diet where foods that can aggravate health hazards are avoided. With an improper diet plan, you may fall victim to any disease. This can easily be prevented by sticking to a healthy diet.

GI Diet:

The GI diet or the Glycemic index diet is one that takes care of your blood sugar. Since blood sugar can aggravate health diseases, diabetes etc, you need to stick to a diet that can regulate your blood sugar. There are many people whose blood sugar may not stay within the regular limits. Over-shooting or falling short of the normal blood sugar limit can cause many health problems. Those with blood sugar irregularities must stick to the GI diet.

The GI diet is not just one diet. Many diets fall under the GI diet. All of these focus more on regulating blood sugar rather than reducing carbohydrate intake or controlling portions. These diets ask you to have meals with a low glycemic index ranking. This can help balance your blood sugar. Since there are so many kinds of GI diet, it is easy to adopt a form of GI diet that suits you.

Why Should You Opt For The GI Diet?

Unlike most other diets that are popular today, the GI diet does not focus on intake of less carbohydrates and reduction of weight. This is because the point of the GI diet is entirely different. The diet essentially requires the person on diet to have foods with low glycemic index ranking. This can help regulate the blood sugar levels of our bodies. Many crash diets can cause blood sugar imbalances; the GI diet can help your body regain the blood sugar balance.

Generally those with diabetes or heart diseases are asked to go on a GI diet. The diet can help regulate blood sugar in ways that medicine cannot. For patients with heart conditions or diabetes, it is best to consult their doctor before planning a diet.

The GI diet can be a long-term and sustainable diet. The diet essentially cuts off produce that can cause serious health problems. We see that most foods are not excluded from the diet. It can be followed easily. One may want to go on this diet to have a better and healthier life, or they may just be trying to balance their blood sugar.

GI rating:

When going on a GI diet, you do not have to worry about the portions or the calories. What you need to keep in mind is the GI rating of the produce. The GI rating is made on a scale of 0 to 100. The ratings are based on the kind of reaction the produce has on your blood sugar.

Dieticians and nutritionists are well aware of the food items’ GI rankings. You can consult the experts when preparing your low GI ranking diet. If you do not want to go to them, check out the lists online for information on the GI ratings of various produces. More and more produces are being added to the list; you are sure to find newer produces being ranked with each passing day.

If you research on GI ratings, you can find out what you should eat while following the GI diet, and what you should not. Do share your feedback with us. Stay fit, stay healthy!

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