Flow Yoga – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

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In this fast paced world, we need to take small breaks to give our mind and body a rest. When stress builds up and if nothing is done to reduce it, you may end up with a nervous break down! It is not easy to manage your professional and family life round the clock. Stress has various after effects on your health, and what is life if full of care? Leading an unhappy life, rich on money but poor in contentment, makes no logical sense at all! No, we are not asking you to renounce all your worldly belongings. What we are asking you to do is de-stress. Take some time out of your hectic lifestyle and invest it on your mental health.

Practicing yoga is one of the best ways to fight various illnesses and stress. It also helps in spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth of individuals. Regularly practicing yoga will help you live a peaceful and calm life. There are many people who are addicted to yoga. This form of exercise is widely followed by people across the globe. Old or young, you can practice yoga without worrying about any side effects.

Flow Yoga/ Vinyasa Flow Yoga:

What is Flow Yoga? You ask! Flow yoga is a popular name for the traditional style of yoga named Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga. It dates back to the late 20th century. The first institute that taught flow yoga was started by K. Pattabhi Jois in the year 1948. This is a very dynamic form of yoga and turns out to be like a dance form with the free and smooth movements from one pose to another.

Like in any type of yoga, a lot of importance is given to the breathing pattern. Flow Yoga is a beautiful combination of movements and breath. There are various flow yoga poses that keep changing in a soothing and rhythmic manner. Also, focus is not purely about attaining the perfect posture but is also about how well the movement and breath is synchronized while changing asanas.

Benefits of Flow Yoga:

A healthy and balanced diet coupled with regular yoga, can be very beneficial to one’s health. Since it is a lot about breathing, Flow Yoga helps in retaining the energy and detoxifying your body. It not only rejuvenates your body but works equally on your spirit, making you feel delightfully happy and stronger.

Do you yearn to feel blissful and feel energetic and fresh even after a day’s hard work? If your answer is yes, then vinyasa flow yoga is just what you need. Flow yoga is entertaining as well as relaxing and helps soothe the mind and soul to a great extent. At the end of the class, after performing rigorous flow yoga asanas, your instructor will let you relax for a while in the corpse position which is called Shavasana in Sanskrit.

Weight Loss With Flow Yoga:

Are you looking for an effective way to combat the oodles of fat that does not seem to go, no matter what you try? Try this gentle Flow Yoga, and see the difference for yourself! If you think you cannot burn fat through yoga that is a silent form of exercise- you are mistaken! Flow yoga, being a dynamic form of yoga, has a combination of movements which lets the entire body sway from one position to another quite swiftly.

This can be quite exhaustive if done correctly along with the right breathing, which leads to sweating as well. In short this form of yoga helps burn calories faster than most other forms of exercises, and works upon the body’s fat reserves too!

Kinds of Flow Yoga:

In flow yoga, one breath is dedicated to one motion. The breaths are also used to regulate the amount of time you spend on each pose. The proper pace of yoga is maintained and heart beat is regulated. Here are different forms of flow yoga:

1. Hot Flow Yoga:

While they might look similar at a glance, Bikram Yoga and Hot Flow Yoga are different from one another. Bikram yoga is slow and has 26 set yoga postures. On the other hand, hot flow yoga is the practice of doing flow yoga in a heated room. In hot flow yoga, you go through the swifter, more fluid movements that help in regulating your breathing.

This process is made all the more difficult by the higher temperature prevalent in the room which causes heart rate to go up. However, the extra heat allows you to stretch further and pushes you to your limits. The high temperatures also make you sweat, which flushes out toxins from the body. Apart from the regular yoga benefits, practicing yoga also ensures a better lymphatic system.

2. Slow Flow Yoga:

This yoga practice is exactly what its name suggests. In this form of yoga you follow the same flow yoga poses, albeit in a slower restrained manner. Instead of doing more poses, slow flow yoga is more about holding each pose for a longer duration. The transitions you go through are more gradual in nature and the stretch achieved is more.

This extended stretch and longer duration causes the muscle tissue to tear down, ultimately leading to a better muscle build up. That is one of the main reasons why slow flow yoga is considered among the best ways to tone up the arms and legs muscles. If the poses done engage it, the core is benefited too.

3. Power Flow Yoga:

This is another kind of flow yoga that is garnering rave reviews. Power yoga literally makes your body a powerhouse with a strong core, flexible muscles and high endurance capacity. If practiced with spiritual discourses, soothing music and teachings full of wisdom, you are sure to enjoy better states of mental, intuitive, spiritual and physical consciousnesses.

There are many other benefits too that have been associated with power flow yoga. To begin with, it has been credited with having healing capacities. Many people having chronic diseases such as hypertension, depression, anxiety and even cancer have reported feeling better after practicing this form of yoga. You also learn to cope with these in a better way. This yoga form is amazing for those trying to lose weight too.

Try Flow Yoga, and rediscover yourself. Not only will you feel more energetic and youthful, you will also enjoy the bliss of calm and controlled mind! Try this amazing form of yoga and do let us know how it helped you.

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