Engine 2 Diet – What Is It And How Does It Work?

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Diets are no fun—at least that is what most people think! Are you one of those people who never complete their diet plan all the way through? Are you always reluctant to start a diet? Do you feel all diets have boring, tasteless food? Then think again. The Engine 2 diet will change the way you think about diets. If you are a vegetarian or have no problem turning into one, then the Engine 2 diet is the best option for you.

Engine 2 Diet:

The Engine 2 diet was created by professional triathlete and fire fighter, Rip Esselstyn. It all started when a colleague working with him was diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol. Rip advised him to go on a plant based vegan diet. There was a dramatic turnaround within just three weeks when his friends lowered his cholesterol level to 196. This compelled Rip Esselstyn to help many of his colleagues to change their diet to a healthier one.

The Pros of the Diet:

The Engine 2 diet is a vegetarian diet that will help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol levels, body mass index, and improve your stamina. Research has shown that a plant-based diet is always a better option than diets that allow you to eat meat. Such green diets help prevent diabetes, control hypertension, lower chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, and also helps one lose weight quickly. Plant based dieters eat less compared to others. Various other health problems like eye disorders can be prevented with a plant based diet plan as it has all the vitamins required to keep your eyes healthy. But do remember that this is not a quick fix or fad diet. The diet will sharpen your mind, increase lean muscle mass and make you energetic.

Diet Plan:

The Engine 2 diet plan recommends eating fruits, vegetables, whole grain legumes, tofu and soy products. Here you not only give up meat, but also diary and eggs from your daily menu. Do not get disheartened! This in no way means that you end up eating only boiled vegetables and tasteless food. In fact, you get to eat chocolate pudding, fajitas, tacos, pizza, burger and much more, but all with a vegan twist!

The diet will in no way deprive you of the minerals, nutrients, calcium, proteins, etc. that are required by your body. This 28-day diet plan will help you lose weight and have a healthier body. The recipes in the meal plan mimic the meaty favorites, making it easy to switch over to this new veg menu without feeling deprived.

Another important aspect of this diet is that you cook food in a low fat way. Vegetable oils are eliminated from this diet. You cook using water, beer, mashed bananas, prunes, applesauce etc. You have to forgo refined sugar and use unrefined sugar and natural sweeteners. There are no caloric limits to this diet, you can eat as much fruit, and vegetable you like. Since plant based food have a higher fiber content, you will feel full with relatively lower calories.

This 28-day diet will help you make many lifestyle changes that are beneficial in the long run. You may turn vegan for one! The book written by Rip provides all kinds of tools to help you with the diet plan. He has provided a large number of recipes that you can follow during the diet period.


For good weight loss results, it is not enough to follow only the diet. You need to incorporate an exercise regimen that will help you achieve your weight loss goal quickly. You will have to do 20 to 40 minutes of aerobic activities three times a week. This can include walking, jogging, swimming, or any sport. On the other two days, you have to follow E2 exercise program that helps to work your core, legs and upper body.

In today’s day and age, when going ‘green’ is a fad, this Engine 2 diet fits right in. Not only will it give you a svelte body but also the bragging rights of going meat free for 28 days. Go for it!

Have you tried going meat free for a period of time? Did you notice a change in your body? Do share your views with us in the comments section below.

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