Egyptian Queen Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial – With Detailed Steps

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Wish to transform yourself into a daring queen? How about trying the Egyptian queen makeup look? Mesmerizing, bold and defined eyes are the most dominant features of the Egyptian queens. Wish to recreate the look? Then, read on this step by step tutorial and be the queen of your world!

Egyptian Queen Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Let’s start the Egyptian Queen inspired eye makeup tutorial:

Step 1:

Pick a good concealer and apply it under your eye area to highlight your eyes. Here, I used the Kryolan Derma Camouflage Concealer. Then, use a translucent or tinted compact powder to set the concealer to prevent creasing and melting of the product. Here, I used the Lakme Face Stylist compact.

Step 2:

Apply a cello tape at the outermost corner of your eyes by extending the lower lash line to the brow bone area of your eyes. This step will help in creating a sharp edge to the eye makeup as seen in Egyptian queens. Then, apply a shimmery creamy base to the innermost corner of the eye and stop it right midway of your eyes. This will bring a highlighted look to the eyeshadows. Here, I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to Bronze shade.

Step 3:

Then, choose a bright blue, creamy eye pencil to apply it to the rest of your eye. This will make the eyeshadow pop better and appear brighter. Here, I used the Tips and Toes eye pencil in blue.

Step 4:

Apply a yellow gold eyeshadow to the innermost corner of your eyes till the midway. This eyeshadow will be placed right above the creamy bronze shade applied earlier. Apply the eyeshadow using a flat eyeshadow brush in small patting motions to get a good color payoff. As I wanted to get a brighter intensity, I used a damp brush for the eyeshadow application. Then, apply a vibrant cobalt blue matte or satiny eyeshadow to the rest of your eye. This eyeshadow will be placed right above the creamy blue pencil applied. Here, I used a cobalt blue matte eyeshadow from the Coastal scents eyeshadow palette.

Step 5:

Then, apply the same cobalt blue matte eyeshadow to the lower lash line of your eyes. Line your eyes slightly thicker with this eyeshadow to create a bold eye makeup look. It is best to apply this eyeshadow with a small angled brush as it will help in drawing a precise line. Then, use a creamy black kajal and line your waterline.

Step 6:

Take a thin eyeliner brush and start outlining the eyeshadow applied on the lower lash line as shown in the image. Do not drag a line from the inner corner to the outer corner in a single stroke as it will not loom even and precise. Create shorter even strokes by resting the little finger on your cheeks for balance. Here, I used the Lotus Herbals creamy kajal in black.

Step 7:

Connect the line from the innermost corner of your eyes till the outer most corner and start winging the line slowly. The innermost corners of your eyes should have a sharp downward wing to give a strong eye makeup look as seen in Egyptian queens.

Step 8:

Connect the waterline of your eyes with the lower lash line wing to form a slanted triangle at the corner of the eye.

Step 9:

Draw a very thin line on the upper lash line and connect it to the triangle formed in the earlier step. This line should start from the pointed inner tear duct line and end at the outermost corner of your eyes. Then, draw a slightly thicker line using your eye liner from the outer corner of the eye to the crease of the eyelid and stop it midway in the center.

Step 10:

Apply mascara to complete the eye makeup look.
And you are done! Hope you like it. Do try this look and let us know. If you are stuck with any step, please let us know in the comments section, we will be very happy to help you.

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