Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet Plan – Everything You Need To Know

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Is losing weight becoming an obsession with you too? Well, the whole world seems to be on diet. Obesity, being a global scourge, brings with it hundreds of unwanted diseases. Obesity has become a chink in everyone’s otherwise happy and fast-paced lifestyle. Losing weight is not an easy process with the kind of lifestyle that people lead today. You have to work hard to lose all that extra weight and fat accumulated over the years. People go for various kinds of diets to shed off that excess weight.

Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet:

Check out Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet for faster and effective results.

Low Calorie Diet:

Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet plan is one such diet that helps customers lose weight with good results. Based on the concept of meal replacement, this is a low calorie diet. Here the meal is replaced with cookies. Well, you must be wondering how you can lose weight while eating cookies! When you think of cookies, the first thing that comes to the mind is butter, sugar, chocolate and many other things – rich ingredients that can play havoc with your weight. But Dr. Siegel’s diet cookies are specially formulated to make the person fit by losing weight.

Dr. Siegel’s Idea:

Dr. Sanford Siegel is a Florida-based Bariatric physician who specializes in helping patients to lose weight. He believes that most of the times diets do not work because people cannot control their hunger. You cannot lose weight by starving; you must have food to lose weight. He created cookies with certain amino acids and other ingredients. He asks his clients to have six cookies in a day and a generous meal. The cookies keep hunger pangs at bay. His cookies became an instant hit as people following his plan lost much weight.

Diet Plan:

Dr. Siegel’s Cookies diet has improved over the years. You can now eat nine cookies throughout the day, each providing 60 calories, and a significant meal providing 500-700 calories. The total calorie intake per day is equal to 1000 to 1200. Following this low calorie diet will help one to lose weight easily. Here you swap your breakfast, lunch and snack with specially formulated diet cookies. For dinner, you can have 6-ounce lean protein like chicken, seafood, turkey and one cup of vegetables.

New Cookies:

These new cookies formulated by Dr. Siegel have fewer calories than the earlier ones. Now you can easily consume more. They are made up of natural ingredients like fruits, oats and amino acids. Vegetarians need not hesitate starting on this diet plan. The cookies are sweet and delicious. They are available in flavors like chocolate brownie, banana, butterscotch, blueberry, maple syrup, cinnamon, oatmeal. They have also introduced milkshake mixes and cookies with fewer calories than the original cookies they supplied before. They have also included a multivitamin with this diet.

Cookie Diet Results:

You can easily shed 10 to 15 pounds in a month with this diet plan. This is a short-term diet that cannot be carried on for long. As this is a low calorie diet, not having enough fruits and vegetables can play havoc with a person’s health.

This diet is useful for obese people who want to lose weight quickly to prevent health related issues. It is a convenient diet compared to other diets as you just have to order the diet cookies you like. You have to prepare only one meal a day. You do have to stick to the schedule of the plan to notice the results.

Would you like to follow Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet? Do leave us a comment below.

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