Dolphin Plank Yoga Pose

 Image : © Mqdee

Level: Intermediate

Dolphin Plank Pose is a variation of the plank pose. The pose is a plank, which is balanced on the forearms. This pose targets the upper back and upper arms more specifically than the basic plank. It is also one of the best poses for sculpting abdominal muscles.

  • Get into the push-up position, with your shoulder blades pressed back, torso tightened, abs tight, legs locked in a straight line and tailbone pressed towards the floor.
  • Bend your elbows and lower yourself to your forearms. Lift your head and look straight ahead.
  • Hold the pose for 30-45 seconds, and then raise yourself to the plank.
  • To deepen the pose, you can alternate it with Dolphin Pose. Advanced Yogis can follow it with Salabhasana.

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