Does Skipping Lead To Weight Loss – Find Out Here

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Are you looking for a simple and effective weight loss exercise? Do you want to get in shape? Skipping can help you on your weight loss journey. Boxers, athletes, sports persons, even celebrities practice skipping to acquire fitness and strength. It comes along with many other health benefits. This can improve your heart health, tone the muscles and improve agility.

Skipping or ‘jumping rope’ is the best way to lose weight. It is necessary to know how skipping benefits weight loss. You can burn your calories either by exercising or dieting. If you practice skipping daily for about 30 minutes, you shall burn around 300 calories. This makes skipping a popular weight loss technique.

Getting Started:

  • Start the skipping session very slowly initially and increase your speed once you have learned the techniques.
  • Use skipping in conjunction with other exercises like jogging and walking to aid weight loss.

Skipping Techniques:

  • Select a rope from a good brand. Swing the rope above your head in a rounded motion and jump over it as it tries to touch your feet.
  • Beginners should start skipping for about 5 minutes, and then take rest.

Safety Tips:

  • Refer to your physician before starting any exercise program.
  • A pair of relaxed, sporty shoes with good arch support is essential to give you strength and keep your ankles, feet, and other joints intact.
  • The skipping rope should be strong and long, one that’s best suited for your height.
  • Skipping is not appropriate for everyone. If you have a joint problem, skipping is not for you.

Categories of Skipping for Weight Loss:

1. Knees Up:

Start with the jump and when the rope comes around, lift one knee, jump, and repeat with the other knee.
Try to raise your knee as close to your chest as possible.

2. The Bounce Step:

Keep your elbows in, hands 25 to 30 centimeters away from your body, just below your stomach. When the rope passes your eye level, jump with your feet together.
Bend your knees slightly when pulling the rope.

3. Power Jump:

This requires three bounce jumps with both knees bent frontward; jump up as far as possible.
This is very useful in increasing your speed.

4. The Skier:

Think that your feet are horizontally crossing a line with each step.
Make your upper body straight and close your feet together.

5. The Cross:

When the rope passes over your head, cross your arms and then jump.
This step strikes a balance between the upper and lower parts of the body.

Benefits of Skipping for Weight Loss:

1. Skipping is very useful for weight loss because it burns nearly 300 to 400 calories in 30 minutes.
2. Skipping frequently increases your flexibility and helps strike a good coordination and balance.
3. Skipping is a zero-cost exercise which improves the heart rate and blood pressure.
4. It supports cardiovascular activity, making the heart stronger and permitting it to drive more blood. This provides nutrients and oxygen to your tissues.
5. It also improves the muscle tone of both the upper and lower body.
6. Skipping is a weight bearing exercise. It is useful for improving bone density and preventing osteoporosis.
7. Skipping also increases the individual’s focus and helps him/her to gain better concentration.

Exercises You Can Do With Skipping:

Here are some examples of exercises which may be added to your skipping weight loss routine:

1. Triceps Push Ups:

Most of us are unaware of the benefits of triceps push ups. The triceps muscle lies just opposite the bicep on the upper arm. This is required to pull the arm straight. Triceps are used more than the biceps. Weak triceps can lead to problems.


  • Lie flat on the stomach with your legs straight and hands on the floor
  • Place your hands together with the index finger and thumb of one hand touching the ones on the other
  • Gradually lower your elbows and your body to the floor with your chest almost touching the hands
  • Align yourself properly with your abdominals held tight
  • Exhale as you exert
  • Repeat for about 8 times, and do 3 sets

2. 60 Seconds Jumping Rope, Skipping:

This requires proper coordination and a certain amount of effort. If you jump and don’t touch the rope, it means you’ve done this successfully.


  • Kick one foot out in front of your body as the other passes under the rope

3. Crisscross Crunch:

This exercise involves several muscle groups – the obliques, hip flexors, abdominals and quads. As it involves so many muscle groups, it burns a remarkably high number of calories for an abs exercise.

4. 60 Seconds Jumping Rope, Two Foot Hop:

To make this harder and improve your upper body shape, increase the speed of rotation of the rope so that the skipping rope passes under your feet with each hop.

5. 60 Seconds Jumping Rope, Jogging:

This exercise includes jogging in place and in time with the passing of the rope under the feet. As you coordinate the rotations, your upper body gets a better workout and the agility of your feet is increased.

6. 60 Seconds Jumping Rope, Single Foot:

Single foot hopping is an exercise to be done alternately with each foot. Once you’ve completed 15 jumps, change to the opposite foot.

7. Alternating Lunges:

This skipping exercise for weight loss is very useful to perfectly shape and tone your glutes and thighs. It also includes the calves and core for equilibrium.

Losing weight needs determination and dedication to eat a healthy diet, regulate your calorie consumption and a steady exercise routine. Skipping is a method of exercise that is useful for weight loss. It is simple, cool and fits every person’s budget. Skipping is an enthusiastic exercise that can be done at variable strengths to burn off calories and lose weight.

Consult your physician if you face any health problems. Hope this article helps you in your weight loss mission.

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