Does Carrot Juice Help Cure Cancer?

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Did you know that the bright, orange-coloured carrots are powerhouses of nutrients? Eat them fresh, juice them or sauté them, they simply taste delicious! Packed with minerals, antioxidants, fibers and vitamins, these are good for your health, skin and even the hair. It is even possible to avert the risk of cancer with this fabulous veggie! I am not talking about just research conducted on rats, but real life experiences that will surely be enough to convince you.

Carrot Juice Benefits Cancer 

Carrots And Its Cancer-Curing Potential – The Studies:

Several studies conducted on veggies and fruits suggest that the abundance of antioxidants in carrots could actually lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. There is no dearth in the presence of antioxidants in carrots. These antioxidants impart innate anti-cancerous properties. Here is how carrots impact various types of cancer:

1. Lung Cancer:

A study conducted on smokers suggested that people who included carrots in their diet at least once a week were 33 percent less prone to lung cancer than non-carrot eaters.

2. Colon Cancer:

According to a study conducted on the Japanese, inclusion of beta-carotene rich carrot juice shielded people from colon cancer.

3. Leukemia:

A study conducted in 2011 on leukemia indicates that carrot juice has the potential to exterminate the cancer cells and even prevent metastasis.

4. Prostate Cancer:

The study on prostate cancer, conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health’s Department of Nutrition points out that younger men who indulged in a beta-carotene rich diet were safeguarded from prostate cancer.

The Research:

Laboratory studies conducted on rats proved that these root vegetables are potential sources of anti-cancerous ingredients. Mice and rats were induced cancer cells under lab conditions. These were then fed with Falcarinol, an antioxidant present in carrots for a certain period of time. The rats, when tested after the specific period, were found to possess only 2/3rd of the cancer cells. While rat and human physiology vary significantly, it is definitely a ray of hope for those suffering from cancer.

In another study conducted on breast cancer survivors, it was found that regular consumption of carrot juice improved the carotenoid levels in the blood appreciably. This study suggests that the presence of carotenoids in notably high amounts in the blood could actually protect a person from recurring cancer attacks.

Carrots are rich sources of beta-carotene, the antioxidant that is essential for the synthesis of Vitamin A as well as zeaxanthin and lutein (carotenoids). The study concluded that the inclusion of a diet rich in antioxidants could drastically lower the risk of cancer by preventing free radical induced cell damage.

Dr. Max Gerson, in his cancer therapy (which makes the use of fresh organic carrots with apple juice in good amounts), suggested that carrot juice shares a molecular similarity with human blood. While this sounds interesting, it is not yet verified. So the medical profit sector is still waiting.

The Real Life Experiences: Carrot Juice Cures Cancer:

The experiences related to the effectiveness of carrot juice for cancer cure will, unarguably, vary from person to person. Here is one experience that actually substantiates the cancer thwarting potential of this juice –

Ann Cameron, alias Barbara Anne Cameron, is a renowned author who has penned about 15 books for children. On 6th June, 2012, she underwent a surgery for Colon Cancer, stage 3, but did not opt for chemotherapy. However, as fate would have done she was diagnosed with lung cancer on November 6, 2012, which actually was a metastasized stage 4 colon cancer. She was given a maximum of 3 more years to live.

She was advised to undergo chemotherapy but without expecting to live longer than the given duration. She devoured the internet in search of an alternative cancer therapy, but was devastated after coming across recommendations that actually didn’t work. That was when she came across a letter from Ralph Cole. Mr. Cole had cured his squamous cell neck cancer with carrot juice. Just 5 lbs of this drink a day saved him from cancer and he was ready to share his experience. He tried 3 lbs a day initially, but that didn’t give him any results. That was when he increased the intake to 5 lbs, and it is now 7 years after cancer took its frightening claws off him.

Cameron started her carrot juice therapy on November 17, 2012. The carrot juice was prepared in the morning. She emptied one glass in the morning and refrigerated the rest, only to be completed by the end of the day. She followed this regimen without fail, but of course by swaying away from the regimen once in a blue moon, as Cole had also done. No chemo, no medications, no radiation, and no diet modifications other than just 5 pounds of carrot juice a day! This is what is amazing that she even ate ice cream and meat, once in a while of course.

8 weeks after she started the therapy, she went for follow-up and was happy with the results. Cancer growth had ceased completely, the tumors had started shrinking, and there was a reduction in the number of swollen nodes too. She continued drinking the juice for 6 more months, even while travelling.

Again in March 2013, she underwent CT scan, only to witness more positive results. A follow-up CT scan on July 20, 2013 showed zero cancer in her body. The once swollen lymph nodes were now normal. She was normal after 8 months!

“I don’t recommend ice cream for cancer, but only want to emphasize that drinking carrot juice was the only change I made in my life, besides gratefully accepting prayers and good energy from friends and asking for wisdom and help from Whoever is up there in the Beyond,” says Ann.

Even now she drinks carrot juice, but not so heavily. Cancer has not revisited her till date.

The rich presence of fiber and antioxidants in carrots actually help in scavenging the free radicals which otherwise could oxidize the cells and trigger cancer. So, start including carrot juice daily in your diet and reap its anti-cancerous benefits.

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