DO These 8 Things And You WILL Live Upto 100 (Maybe Even Beyond)

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We all love to live forever, don’t we? The stories of the super-healthy and immortals have always awed us. And to be frank, we had always dreamt to be like them one day.

And today is when we can actually start being like them. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

These 10 pointers will answer your questions. Though I can’t promise immortality, I can guarantee a radiant health with longevity.

1. Think Yourself To Be Young:

As all great people say, it all starts in the mind. Same is the case with longevity. You think yourself to be young and energetic, and you think that often, your mind starts to believe it. And once that happens, magic starts. Do the things that young people do. Play their games. Your mind can make terrific impact on your body. It all depends on what you feed it with.

Of course, health is a state of mind. Isn’t it?

2. Quit Smoking:

Most smokers I have seen tend to give justifications. They say smoking cures depression or gives them a sense of instant relief from mental wounds. But beneath these illusionistic ‘goods’ the vice carries, there are many ‘bads’. And these are life-threatening. Smoking is amongst the world’s biggest killers. It also is the main cause for serious ailments like heart disease and cancer.

Statistics show that every six seconds a person dies due to tobacco. Yes, you read that right. ‘Every SIX SECONDS’.

So quit smoking NOW, or else…

3. Take Naps:

Personally, I love sleeping; and I can trade anything in this world for a couple of hours of Zzzz’s! This sedentary act which is usually attributed to laziness has got its own bunch of benefits. And one of them is strengthening and lengthening your life span. A study conducted by the University of Athens Medical School showed that occasional napping can reduce the risk of heart disease by 12 %.
Pretty imprezzzive, isn’t it?

4. Meditate:

Undoubtedly one of the oldest and the best ways of purifying your life. Think of a particular object or entity and focus only on it. That might be your favourite God, your dream home or your role model. The understatement is to have some silent time for yourselves and contemplate what’s happening in your life.

5. Volunteer For A Cause:

This could be anything. Your neighbour isn’t well? Take her to the hospital. Mother is ill? Do the dishes and cooking. Or there has been an accident in your place? Run for help instantly. It is the motive, and not the size of the help, that matters. When you do something that puts a smile on the other person’s face, it puts a smile on yours too.

And the result? You will stay happier and live longer!

6. Move:

When was the last time you jogged around briskly or did some heavy push ups? If you happen to be just like the 80 % of the world’s population, then probably you didn’t do any lately. And that’s why you should start moving now. Most of us spend too much time sitting; whether it is before the computer gaming or working, or before the television sets watching our favourite movie.

Whether it’s hitting the gym or going for a regular morning walk, moving keeps you going.

7. Smile:

Before continuing to read this, just smile once. Seriously, do it. Think of all the good that has happened today. Ignore the negatives. The more you think of the good things, the more good things you will have to think of. Make smiling a practice. Smile every day. All the time. I bet you will see miracles in less than a week.

8. Associate With Happy, Positive People:

‘The power of association’, to put it in simpler terms. The people around you influence your life. Accept it or not, this is a fact. That is why we should be very conscious about the kind of people we build friendships with. Staying in touch with people who lead better lives inspires you to do the same.

So what are you waiting for? The more time you spend analyzing, the more time you end up giving away! Go ahead and get started. This is your life; make the most of it!

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