Do THESE 5 Things To Look As GORGEOUS As Selena Gomez (Without Going To A Beauty Parlour)

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Who doesn’t like Selena Gomez? This young and energetic star has already made a name for herself, and doesn’t seem to slow down in anyway. If you happen to her biggest fan on this planet, then this article is just for you!

How can I look like Selena? What makes her so attractive? In case these are the kind of questions circling your head, this article is an answer.

To look like Selena, you got to focus on these five things.

1. Eyes

If you want to know how beautiful a woman is, then look into her eyes. Because that is where her true beauty resides.

– The Shine 

The raging star is popular for her huge and shiny eyes. In order to get that shine, apply two cold cucumber slices to your eyes. Just lay back, place the cold cucumber pieces on your eyes and leave them for a minute.

And lo! Just stand before your mirror to witness that natural sparkle your eyes emit.

– The Shadow

Okay. So now your eyes glitter like the sea on a sunny morning. But shiny eyes alone don’t make Selena Gomez, do they?

Shadow is simple. Ensure your eyes are completely dry and then go for an eye-shadow of your choice. But wait; don’t make a miserly purchase at some convenience store. You want Selena-like eyes, don’t you? So no harm in minting some extra money.

Apply a lighter shade to your eyelids and a darker tone to the creases.

– Elegant Eyeliner 

This is where your eyes become something which people can’t help but behold. The eyeliner gives your eyes that beautiful definition which can stun anyone who looks into them.

Selena uses black or dark brown eyeliner. You too follow the same; just line the top and bottom of your eyelids. But hey, DON’T overdo it. You don’t want to look like Selena’s ‘Ghost’, do you?

– Magical Mascara 

How do you look at a magician? Jaws open and eyes wide, right? You can expect a similar reaction from people when you embellished your eyes with this style. Get good quality mascara, dip the wand in and hold it near your eyelash. Blink, and let the mascara take care of everything else!

2. Lips

A woman’s smile can create marvels. And if those lips are akin to that of Selena, I don’t have to say anything else.

– Thicken Your Lips 

The first thing anybody would notice about Selena is maybe her lips. Plump lips that glimmer under the layers of lip gloss.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to consult a plastic surgeon to immediately make your lips plump. There are other inexpensive ways for that.

Take a teaspoon full of sugar or salt. Lick your lips and kiss the spoon so that most of the sugar or salt sticks to them. Now rub your lips together till they become a little numb. Rinse your lips thoroughly.

– Moisturize 

Moisturizing your lips rejuvenates them. Buy a moisturizing lip balm and apply it on your lips when they get dried. Licking your lips might ‘seem’ to help, but in reality it makes your lips drier.

– Lip Gloss 

One mistake most do (and you shouldn’t) is getting a lip gloss that is too shiny. If you don’t want people to look away from you, then don’t do that. Too much of shine creates a repel effect.
Remember to keep your lips moderately glossy.

3. Face

Your happiness reflects on your face, so keep it fresh.

– Cleanse Your Face 

Ever saw Selena Gomez with an oily skin? I bet you didn’t. You can’t, rather. Because she keeps her face fresh 24/7. And you too want to, don’t you?

Get a high-quality cleanser and cleanse your face at-least once daily. Consult the doctor in case you have sensitive skin.

– Moisturize 

Dry skin is a pain, just like oily skin. So how can you maintain a balance between the two?

Apply a lightweight moisturizer after you have cleansed your face. A heavy moisturizer might make your face too oily.

– Makeup 

This is where you need to exercise some control and resist your temptation. Too much of makeup would give you a result diametrically opposite to what you had desire.

Use makeup that matches with your skin tone. Apply it evenly over your face, especially on the nose and under your eyes.

4. Hair

Your hair is what people observe the first thing when they look at you. Take good care of it, and you have already won many hearts.

– Maintain The Shine 

Treat your hair liberally. Give it all the care it needs. Wash it regularly and condition it as and when needed.

– Stylize 

Your job gets easier here, because Selena has donned a number of hairstyles and you can pick one which suits you the best.

For straight hair get a flat iron and some heat protectant. Apply the heat protectant to your hair, and straighten it.

And in case you want a wavy look, buy a heat wand and again, a heat protectant. Apply the heat protectant to your hair and wrap different sections of your hair around the wand. Once done, spray with hairspray to have the links intact.

5. Wardrobe

Here comes the best part. As they say, dress makes man..err..woman.

– Get Inspired 

Everything starts with inspiration. Just search for pictures of Selena in different outfits and check which ones suit you the best. You like skinny jeans? Or maybe the cardigans?

– Shop!

Once done, just head into any designer-wear store and checkout the attire. One cool thing is most of Selena’s clothes are affordable. It is just the style that makes her stand apart.

So there you go! Follow these tips and get ready to see people looking up at you with utter amazement.
Get ready to bet Selenafied!

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