Do Mushrooms Help In Weight Loss? – Diet tips

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Are you wondering how to lose those kilos without switching to a diet that would turn your taste buds into inert cells? A lot of people face this problem—they follow a strict diet during their weight loss regimen, but the absolute lack of taste makes them feel de-motivated. This leads to a collapse of all weight loss plans. I see you nodding along, I don’t blame you. Most diets fail just because of this one single reason. Now, if I say you can eat mushrooms while on a diet, will that catch your attention? I am sure it will! Dubbed the M Plan, this diet, which consists of loads of tasty mushrooms, is beneficial and easy to stick to.

Health Benefits of M-Plan Mushroom Diet:

The science behind the M Plan is very simple. It is a low calorie diet as mushrooms are packed full of proteins as well as fiber that allows them to pass through your digestive system very easily. This is unlike meat, the primary source of protein in our body, which is really hard to digest. Mushrooms are also very good in giving your immune system a boost and fights diseases. Mushrooms have one sixth of the calories present in them compared to meat of the same volume and they make you feel as satiated as meat. So, when you switch from meat to mushrooms, you feel just as full and get more protein without consuming a lot of calories!

Selection of Mushroom for Weight Loss Diet:

There are hundreds of mushrooms available for eating and are used in different cuisines. However, there are a few that pack the most power and nutrition. For a more effective diet, include a lot of white button mushrooms. It has been shown to prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer in human and animal cells. Portobello mushrooms and Crimini mushrooms are good for the mushroom diet as well because they are rich in fiber and also have a strong, meaty taste. The Maitake mushrooms are less popular than the previous three, but these fungi are packed with antioxidants and potassium. In fact, so nutty and meaty is its flavor, it is often dubbed the Hen of the woods.


Preparing mushrooms is easy and quick. You can toss it in virtually any dish and increase its flavor quotient. If a dish calls for a lot of meat, try replacing half of the meat with chopped or ground mushrooms. In fact, the Maitake mushrooms are great in soups and side dishes. Crimini mushrooms can be ground and mixed with minced meat. You can use it to prepare any dish that demands ground meat, like spaghetti and meatballs, tacos, hamburger and meat sauce. If you are looking for a quick snack, instead of dipping chips and fries in delicious dips, have sliced button mushrooms as well. They pack much more flavor and don’t deliver much calorie down your throat.

Going Slim the Celeb Way:

There are a lot of celebrities who swear by the mushroom diet to lose weight. Katy Perry and Kelly Osborne touted this 2 week M Plan the perfect solution to their weighty woes. Replacing one meal everyday with mushrooms can definitely help in losing weight.

This is one of the few fad diets that have not been branded harmful by doctors and nutritionist. In fact, most of them agree that snacking on mushroom bites is far healthier than eating chips or candies. However, your diet needs to have a healthy amount of vegetables and fruits along with mushrooms.

Also the targeted loss of fat that is claimed by most M Plan proponents is probably a myth. The body loses fat almost equally from all portions and without surgical means it is impossible to reduce fat in one place and keep it intact in another. Genetics also plays a role in how and from where you lose most weight, just like it governs where you get most of the fat deposition. However, mushroom diet is quite effective in overall weight loss.

Mushrooms are easily available in the market. Take your pick and create mushroom delicacies at home to lose weight while keeping your taste buds happy!

Have you heard or tried the diet on mushroom for weight loss? Did it work for you? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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