DIY – Simple Beauty Hack To Prevent Breaking Of Powder Makeup In Bag

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Are you a travel freak? Whether you are traveling to enjoy a beach party, attend a wedding or meeting up with your BFFs for a special dinner that you planned months ago—makeup kit is one essential thing that every girl wants in her traveling bag!

For most women who love to carry makeup while traveling, there are two major concerns—save space and not to end up breaking the expensive makeup products due to the hassles of traveling! Are you one among them? Then, you will love our DIY beauty hack, which is designed to prevent your makeup products from breaking.

So, let’s learn to keep our precious makeup products safe while enjoying our vacation!

Basic Tips For Traveling With Makeup:

Be smart while picking makeup products while traveling. Keep in mind the need for makeup—will you be attending a special occasion? Will you spend a lot of time outdoors? Whether it is for a wedding, an office party or a fun beach party, it is best to carry multi-functional products. These products will offer you more than one use. Apart from that also use smart ideas for the same products. A blush which can double up as a bronzer or eyeshadow; tinted moisturizer which will hydrate as well as provide a healthy coverage and a lipstick which will give a good color to your lips as well as a cheek stain. The most fragile makeup, which tends to easily break and crumble while traveling is the powder products.

Required Products:

Here is the list of products, which you need to keep your makeup products safe:

  • Cotton balls or pads
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Powder makeup
  • Cotton swab or a plastic spatula

Beauty Hack To Prevent Breaking Of Powder Makeup In Bag:

So, here is a simple trick, which will help to pack your powder makeup products safely while traveling.

Step 1:

Pick your compact or loose powder, blush or bronzer and check the size. Take a clean tissue paper and roughly place it over the inner rim of the compact case and cut out the tissue paper. The tissue paper should sit inside the rim of the case, otherwise there might be difficulty in closing the product case.

Step 2:

Now, take a few cotton balls and flatten them up with your fingers. Then, layer it over the tissue paper as shown in the image. Start by laying one cotton ball flat at a time till the layers build up into a fluffy layer. Use a clean cotton swab or a soft plastic spatula. Presss the cotton balls gently to create an even and fluffy layer. Don’t forget to press the cotton swab along the corners of the product case to ensure that it will not come in way while closing the case. It is important to use clean cotton balls and tissue paper for this DIY as we don’t want to pass any bacterial accumulation to the makeup.

Step 3:

Now, close the compact case and check whether it closes perfectly. As the texture of the cotton balls are very thin and soft, it will definitely not create any difficulty in closing the product case. The cotton balls can be used even during travelling for removing makeup, correct eyeshadow fallouts etc.

Pack all your powder makeup products as shown here and shift it to your vanity pouch. It is best to use thicker material makeup pouches and vanity cases, which will protect your makeup products. You can also additionally pack your powder makeup products with a bubble wrap outside the case. It will also offer an additional layer of protection.

Wasn’t it a super easy, yet a highly needed makeup hack? Try it before leaving for any party, wedding or event, and enjoy your vacation without worrying about your favorite powder makeup. Once you are back home, you will be thrilled to see your makeup in good shape!

How do you keep your makeup products safe while traveling? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments section below.

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