DIY – Homemade Chocolate Lip Balm With Detailed Steps

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Come winter, and our lips begin to dry out and start looking patchy. No matter how stylish your winterwear is, with flaky lips, you just cannot look your best. Even your favorite lipstick cannot hide those dry lines. Let’s be honest, not everyone can be a Kate Moss, who carries her flaky, nude lips with aplomb.  In fact, there are women out there who suffer from dry lips all year round. Thankfully, I am not one of them! But today’s project can help all of us who suffer from dry lips – irrespective of the season.

Lip balms are an indispensable part of my winter care regime. I run through lip balms pretty quickly during the dry winter months. There have been situations when my lips were badly chapped but I had no lip balm handy, as I had used up all of them! Have you faced similar situations? Then you have come to the right place!

I have figured out an easy to make, two-ingredients chocolate lip balm recipe that works for my chapped lips and is irresistibly yummy at the same time. Also, there is no rocket science or hard labor involved in the process.

What do we need?

We just need two ingredients for the recipe and the final product works really well on my dry lips. The two ingredients are butter and your favorite chocolate. You can easily find them in your kitchen.

What to do:

1. Take the butter and cut a slice lengthwise, which is almost 1/5th the size of the whole pack. I made this lip balm in the quantity that would serve me for a week. You can adjust the quantity according to your requirement.
2. Cut small pieces from that slice and put them in a microwave safe bowl that we’d be heating.
3. Heat for about 40-60 seconds. Be cautious: do not to overheat it.
4. When you see the butter has just started melting, stop heating and bring it out of the microwave. We do not want our butter to be boiling.
5. Put 8 small pieces of chocolate into the same bowl after transferring the melted butter to another container. Heat the chocolate for almost the same time as you did for the butter.
6. Add the liquefied butter into the melted chocolate.
7. Start mixing the two ingredients. You got to resist the yummy aroma at this point. Do not end up eating the mixture, even though you’d have the strongest urge to do so!
8. Thick runny consistency is what we want from the well mixed ingredients.
9. Now take a small container that you’lll use to store the lip balm. Round containers are the best ones but I didn’t have one at the moment. My container is a little bigger than what we ideally want.
10. Ensure that the plastic is thin in the chosen container; thicker ones will take more time to solidify or freeze.
11. Pour the entire mixture in the container and allow it to settle for about 5 minutes.
12. The mixture is now settled.
13. Put the cap on and transfer the container into the freezer for around 2-3 hours.
14. Check if it has solidified or not.
15. This is exactly how we want our lip balm to be—thick solid at rest and should melt at the time of usage.
16. Use a mini spatula or spoon to scoop out the lip balm. You’ll see it melting in your fingers within a few seconds. Apply it on your lips and suck some if you want!

This is the world’s yummiest lip balm for sure! And it does hydrate the lips deeply. You can make it at home, using ingredients that are easily available. The skills required to make this lip balm are minimal. You just need to know how to operate the microwave! Scoop out some lip balm whenever you need it. And if you do lick it off your lips—no worries! The ingredients are meant to be eaten after all. No harmful chemicals involved. This is perfect for people who need a lip balm 24*7 in winters.

Note: Store it in the refrigerator. That will keep it solid and good for long
Try it and let us know how you liked this made-at-home lip balm. Leave a word in the comments section below! Until next time, take care!

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