DIY – Highly Effective Coffee Face Mask For Your Skin Polishing Homemade Tips

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I believe I am communicating with some ardent coffee lovers here. I believe so because I am one amongst you guys! Coffee lovers of the world—unite! This post is all about coffee and how it can make us look radiant!

I am here to share with you one of my favorite coffee masks that acts as a skin polisher as well as tightens the skin to a great extent. Brew a little less coffee and save some coffee powder for this mask recipe.

Required Products:

  • One sachet of coffee powder
  • Pure honey
  • Clean utensil

How To Prepare Skin Polishing Coffee Face Mask:

Let’s learn the steps to make the skin polishing coffee face mask.

Step 1:

You must have seen a lot of people making use of coffee in scrubs. I have done that too and it is effective, but this time we are preparing something different for our skin. Take a coffee sachet (one that serves for a single cup). Tear it and empty the contents in a clean dry bowl. (Well, my heart does not allow the coffee to be served anywhere else than my mouth but anyways, never mind!). As you can see this amount is just about close to one teaspoon of coffee powder.

Step 2:

To this add honey. Isn’t that totally yum? While I was pouring the honey over the coffee, I wanted to add a shot of milk and just lick it all down but then I curbed my temptation.

Now you can see that honey is happily floating over the coffee powder. Around two teaspoons is all you need.

Step 3:

Take a spoon of your choice and display your mixing skills. Mix, mix, and mix well to finally have a thick paste like consistency.

Here we have the mixed thick mixture. My eyes lit up seeing this—it looks yummy, doesn’t it? Now apply it on your face. Spread it nicely on your face and neck area. It does not spread easily. Try to apply an even layer.

This mask will make your skin feel tight and stretchy, but that is how it works, so stay calm. When the stretchy feeling goes a little overboard, understand that it is time to wash off the mask.

Step 4:

Keep a napkin handy because despite being thick and sticky, it would still drip down a little. Now you can wash it off with lukewarm water.

What It Does For Your Skin?

Read on to know its benefits for the skin:

  • Coffee is known to increase blood circulation, something which is extremely beneficial for our skin. People buy varieties of oils and serums to increase blood circulation of the facial skin and if the same effect comes from something so simple and cheap, what better deal can you grab?
  • Also the antioxidants in coffee further benefit your skin.
  • Honey tightens the skin and imparts a healthy glow when used regularly. Honey is something my mother vouches for. You should definitely try it.
  • You can feel the smoothness in your skin after using this mask.
  • The aroma of coffee mixed with honey in this mixture soothes your senses.

It helps in rejuvenating the skin as a whole when used on a weekly basis.

So, folks put away that coffee mug and quickly prepare this mask for yourselves or even for your girlfriends. What better way to celebrate the goodness of coffee? Apart from drinking it, of course!
And the best part is -it is cheap and hardly takes any time. So, pamper your skin with some ‘coffee time and watch as it blooms! And when you are at it, share this recipe with your family and friends too, they will thank you for it!

Try this recipe and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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