DIY – Amazing Way To Fix Your Broken Lipstick

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We all have that one favorite lipstick, the one that looks just about perfect on our lips. It may be a shade we have always loved, or it may be a gift from someone special—this particular lipstick is something we cherish. No matter how often we use it, we still don’t want to part with it.

But, then one day you notice that your favorite lipstick is ruined beyond repair. Maybe you broke a new lipstick while trying to open a new tube; maybe you accidentally dropped it or left it in your car; or it is melted into a mess due to the rising temperature of the sun. Whatever the situation was- I am sure, you were left sobbing over it. Lipsticks are made of creamy waxes and binders, which are prone to breakage. But the situation is definitely not beyond recover! You can fix a broken lipstick! How? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll learn today!

This DIY is all about how to fix your favorite broken lipstick and make it as good as new. Broken or melted, this trick will help you re-create the old magic. Now you’ll even be able to twist-up the bullet like you did before! So, grab your old broken lipsticks and let’s get to work!

Required Products:

  • Broken or melted lipstick
  • Match stick or candle
  • Paper towels
  • Refrigerator

How To Fix Broken Lipstick Hack:

Let’s learn how to fix a broken lipstick hack:

Step 1:

Take your broken lipstick and place it on a clean surface. As it might stain the working place, you can lay a tissue paper or a hand towel before getting to work. Then, clean your hands with a sanitizer as unclean hands might transfer bacteria to the lipstick. You can also wear plastic gloves as it will prevent bleeding of the lipstick color on your fingers. Apart from that it will also prevent bacterial accumulation on the lipstick. If your lipstick has snapped or has a crack but hasn’t completely broken, then gently apply some pressure and remove the topmost portion of the lipstick.

Step 2:

Now, light up your candle or match stick. Hold the lipstick case near the candle light as shown in the image. The hot temperature released from the candle will melt the broken top portion of your lipstick. Do not hold the lipstick case very close to the candle and also avoid melting the lipstick too much. Hold it for 1 to 2 seconds and you will start noticing a glossy liquid on top of your lipstick. Once you notice this liquid, you can move on to the next step.

Step 3:

Hold the lower bottom of the broken lipstick near the candle as we did in the previous step. Now, you would have to fix both the broken ends on the melted state itself, otherwise it will not stick together. Gently attach both the broken ends of the lipstick, press them softly together and it will stick together in a few seconds. If the shape of the lipstick is melted and has lost its shape, then use a lit match stick and melt the outer edges of the lipstick bullet and then use a flat spatula to smoothen the sides. This will provide a neat and seamless finish.

Step 4:

Once it has been fixed, place the lipstick without twisting it back into the lipstick case on the refrigerator for an hour. Then, remove it again and twist back the lipstick and place it again in the refrigerator to set it completely. Leave it for good 3 hours to fix it properly. That’s it, now you can use all your broken and melted lipsticks all over again!

No need to throw away lipsticks, which is broken. With this simple trick, you can now keep using your favorite lipstick as long as it lasts!

What do you do with your broken or melted lipstick? Share with us in the comments section below.

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