DIY – Amazing Homemade Scented Body Lotion To Hydrate Your Body

Who doesn’t like good fragrances? Most of the girls I know dote on attractive fragrances. Be it a room freshener, candles, perfumes or body lotions, we women want to be surrounded by good fragrance. Not only that, we also want to smell good ourselves!

And when it comes to moisturizers, nothing can beat the feeling of massaging our body with a hydrating moisturizer that smells good too! What can be better than massaging away the day’s fatigue and stress with a scented body lotion? It is a warm pleasure that we should all indulge in for sure!

Today, the market is flooded with scented perfumes, body lotions and mists. Splurging on an expensive body lotion does make a lot of sense. But, what if I told you that you can get the same effect with a homemade moisturizer? Yes! You can make a scented moisturizer at home without spending a lot of money. And the best part is that it is easy to make this hydrating lotion at home! So, let’s fill our lives with some fragrance, shall we?

Required Products:

Image : © Mqdee

The products required for this DIY are easily available and will not burn a hole in your pocket:

  • Unscented body lotion
  • Empty jar or bottle
  • Spatula or cotton swab
  • Perfume

Steps To Prepare The Scented Body Lotion At Home:

Follow the mentioned steps to prepare the scented body lotion at home:

Step 1:

Take an unscented body lotion and a container to store it. It is better to start with small quantities of this body lotion to check the product formulation and if it works for you. It is important to choose lighter and unscented body lotion formulas for this recipe. The storage container has to be well sanitized before use. If you are using a glass jar container, then you can sterilize it by placing them in the microwave oven for 30 to 50 seconds or place it in the oven for 250F/120C for 30 minutes. Plastic bottles or containers can be sanitized using a strong detergent solution or spraying or rubbing alcohol to clean it completely.

Start by taking 4 tablespoons of body lotion in the container and leave it for a few seconds for any active ingredients to settle down.

Step 2:

Then, add 6 sprays of your perfume. The ratio of the body lotion to the perfume totally depends upon your preference. If you like mild scented formula, then add a small quantity of perfume and if you prefer stronger scents, then add equal amounts of body lotion and perfume. Remember that the fragrance of the homemade scented body lotion depends on the body lotion. If it has a lighter scent, then the perfume fragrance will bloom up well.

Step 3:

Now, use a clean spatula or a cotton swab to gently mix the ingredients in the bottle. Cover the container tightly. Leave it in a cool place, away from the sunlight for a day or two. After that, you should first examine the product before applying it on your body. Then open the container, check if it has a nice fragrance. If there is a color change or the formula appears watery, or if it smells sour, acidic or musty, then the formula did not mix well or some active ingredients did not go well. So, throw it away. On the other hand, if the scent is good and you are totally happy with the formula and its effect, then you can start making larger quantities. Like any other body care product, it is best to do a patch test on the back of your wrist before applying the lotion all over your body. Once you have tested these few parameters, you are ready to pamper your skin with your customized scented body lotions!

Mine turned out to be really awesome! It smelled great and the formula worked perfectly for my skin.
So, why don’t you give it a try too? And don’t forget to come back and share your experience with us.

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