DIY – 5 Easy Steps To Get Instantly Plump Lips With Cinnamon

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Lips like Angelina Jolie are something to be desired for! But, most of us are definitely not ready to go in for botox or other expensive procedures for that picture perfect pout. But, you can get plump lips without spending a fortune!

Today, I have a DIY hack to get luscious plump lips instantly and that too with a natural ingredient. The common kitchen spice cinnamon will help your lips swell up and makes them look plumper by softly irritating your skin. It will give your lips an inflamed look! So, today’s beauty lesson will help you get that beautiful bee stung-like plump lips!

The whole recipe of this DIY beauty hack is based on exfoliating your lips. Exfoliating the lips helps in reviving the dry and chapped lips and also pumps up blood flow. As soon as blood flows to your lips, they swell up instantly. But, remember to keep your base lip skin well moisturized. The recipe is completely safe to try. It tingles slightly and burns when you taste spicy food, but the sensation fades away pretty quickly. And remember that all those expensive lip plumpers available in the market sting too!

You can use this natural lip scrub once a week. Don’t overdo it as over exfoliating any part of your skin can cause severe irritation and can even damage your skin.
So, let’s spice up our lives with some cinnamon!

Products Required For This Diy:

Let’s have a look at the products that you need for this DIY:

  • Vaseline
  • 2 to 3 pieces of cinnamon or a teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  • Toothbrush or you can even use your fingers

How To Plump Lips With Cinnamon:

Learn the steps to instantly plump up your lips with the use of cinnamon:

Step 1:

Start with clean and well sanitized hands if you are using your fingers for exfoliating. If you have any lipstick or lip gloss, remove them with a mild cleanser and start with a clean lip.

Then, take a soft towel and dampen it with plain water. Gently rub the towel over your lips using a to and from motion to scrub your lips mildly to get rid of the dead skin cells as well as other foreign matter.

Step 2:

Apply a thin layer of Vaseline or your favorite lip balm to your lips to protect them from over exfoliation. This trick will also lubricate your lips with hydration before applying the cinnamon powder.

Step 3:

Then, add 2 to 3 pieces of cinnamon to the mixer and gently grind it to make the powder. It needn’t be very fine as some rough granules will help in exfoliating your lips better. Take a clean bowl or a plate, add a teaspoon of grounded cinnamon powder and also squeeze out a bit of Vaseline. Then, use a clean spoon or your fingers to blend the mixture. Then, load your toothbrush or your finger with the mixture and start applying it all over your lips.

Step 4:

Now press the toothbrush to the surface of your lips and create gentle exfoliating motions. Use the mixture on the upper as well as lower lip area and avoid going outside your lip area as it might get messy. If you are using your fingers for application, then press the cinnamon and Vaseline mixture on the surface of your lips and gently rub it.

The mixture will sting your lips lightly and also make your lips appear red because of the irritation caused by the spice. If you don’t notice any irritation or redness, then you can go ahead and add some more cinnamon powder and rub it on your lips. Gently massage the mixture for 30 to 40 seconds. Allow the mixture to sit for another 30 seconds and you can then wipe it off with a tissue paper.

Step 5:

Now, again apply a bit of Vaseline to soothe your lips. The end result? Plump and luscious lips!

Try this recipe for Angelina Jolie like plump lips without botox! You will surely fall in love with your lips!

Do you wish for plumper lips? Do you have some trick to achieve the perfect look? Share with us.

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