DIY – 4 Easy Steps To Curl Your Eyelashes At Home With A Spoon

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Don’t we all love to flutter our thick and doll-like eyelashes? But not all of us have gorgeous, full doll-like lashes. But,you need not use false eyelashes to make your eyes look perfect! With a simple makeup trick, you can now curl your eyelashes in a jiffy!

There are a number of eyelash curlers available in the market that can help you get doll-ike eyes. But, why spend money on something when you can easily do it at home and that too with a kitchen tool!

How To Curl Eyelashes With A Spoon?

Have you ever thought of curling your eyelashes with a spoon? Yes, you heard it right! Curling eyelashes with a spoon is simple but effective. It requires a bit of practice though. But, once you master the art, no one can stop you from having photograph-ready eyes! Practically, it is easy and safe to curl your eyelashes by using a spoon. If you don’t own eyelash curlers or just don’t feel comfortable using them, then try this neat trick!

So, let’s put that spoon to good use, shall we?

Step 1:

Take a medium length steel spoon, check for the length by holding it over the eye area. Avoid using heavy, plastic or sharp ended spoons as it might hurt the delicate eye area. It is also important to check whether the spoon has a nice blunt and rounded shape. The edge shouldn’t be sharp.

Step 2:

Place your thumb below your eye lashes and gently push them up. This step is to just roughly push your flat eyelashes up and get them prepared for curling. If you have clumpier eyelashes, then you can use the cotton buds with some talcum or pressed powder. Dust the powder over them gently to separate them before curling. This trick is helpful for curling your eyelashes to achieve a neat and clump-free look.

Step 3:

Then, place the spoon gently facing outward above your eyelashes. Place the bottom edge of the spoon directly on your upper lash line as shown above in the image. Then, press the spoon gently with your index finger or thumb on the outer section of your eyelashes. Be gentle and do not put too much pressure over the spoon as it might hurt your eyes. Press your eyelashes softly. Slowly move from the roots to the outer ends of the eyelash.

Step 4:

Now, we have to replicate a curling action with the spoon. Simply make a quick flick with the spoon to curl your lashes. Do not pull it hard or flick it harshly, as you might end up hurting yourself. Gently press the bottom edge of the spoon down against the lashes. Then lift and pull it upwards till you reach your eyelash tips. And keep repeating the curling across all your eyelashes and you are done.

To get the curling right, you have to hold the spoon with your right hand while curling the lashes of the right eye and for the left eye, use your left hand. It requires a little practice, but patience pays!

Why spend so much time and energy on curling your lashes? Well, curled eye lashes look beautiful, feminine, and highlight your eyes better! If you want your eyes to do all the talking, you got to make sure they look wonderful. With proper eye makeup, you can make your eyes the center of all attention! And make no eye makeup is complete without curling eyelashes! So, go ahead, flutter your beautiful eyelashes!

Do you curl your eyelashes?

How do you do it?
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