Dental Health: Foods that Cause Tooth Discolouration

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Your dazzling set of pearly whites can brighten your smile and boost your confidence, and that is why you should take utmost care of your teeth. ‘Teeth whitening’ is one of the most popular dental procedures today because it is difficult to maintain stain-free teeth. Most people are not aware, but the food they eat everyday may be one of the biggest reasons why their teeth turns dull and discoloured.

Here’s a list of food items that could be responsible for teeth discolouration.

Tea and Coffee: This is the most common reason why most people suffer from teeth discolouration. Tea and coffee are caffeinated drinks that contain chromogen which is known to cause stains on your teeth. When you consume your daily cup of tea and coffee it gets into the spaces between your teeth and stains it.

To maintain your pearly whites, you could substitute black tea with green or herbal tea, as they do not stain your teeth. If you are an avid coffee drinker, make sure you chew on a sugar free whitening gum after your cup of coffee.

Red and white wine: Another major culprit, which could stain your teeth could be your regular glass of red or white wine. Red wine has acidic properties and is chromogen rich, which is why your teeth could get stained. White wine is more acidic than red wine and will also stain your teeth.

Indian spices: Turmeric, which adds that Indian flavour to your curry, also adds a yellowish tint to your teeth. Other dark Indian spices like chilli powder can have the same effect on your pearly whites. Curries are a staple Indian food but one should not forget that is it probably the main reason for teeth discolouration. To avoid this, brush your teeth after every meal.

Nuts: Nuts like black walnuts can also stain your teeth. Not many of us are aware that nuts were traditionally used to make inks and dyes; so you can imagine what they could do to your teeth.

Sauces and vinegars: Deep coloured sauces like soy, BBQ, Worcestershire, tomato, and balsamic vinegar, which you probably use on a regular basis can be one of the major reason for teeth discolouration. Along with their deep colour, they are also very acidic and salty and this damages the protective enamel.

Candies and Popsicles: Candies, lollies, chewing gums and ice-popsicles are sugary sweets that contain colouring agents. You may often notice that your tongue turns colourful after you’ve eaten these treats, it also has the same effect on your teeth and in the long run could cause some serious damage.

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