Comic Inspired Eye And Lip Makeup – Tutorial With Detailed Steps And Pictures

Do you have a Halloween or a fantasy party coming up? Confused on how to do makeup? We totally understand that Halloween or any fantasy party makeup can be not less than a nightmare for most of us. Today, I have created a simple yet pretty eye and lip makeup look inspired from comic books. You can easily try this to add that Halloween effect for the party.

Comic Inspired Eye And Lip Makeup Tutorial:

Let’s begin the makeup tutorial:

Eye Makeup:

Step 1: Conceal And Apply Eyeshadow

Start by moisturizing your delicate eye area to prepare the skin for eye makeup. Pick an eye cream and dot it under your eye area and softly pat it into the skin. Then, take a concealer with your fingers or a flat concealer brush to conceal your dark circles. If you have deep pigmentation under your eyes, it is best to use a corrector prior to the application of the concealer. Then, use a loose compact powder and set your concealer to prevent smudging or creasing of the products applied earlier.

Apply a warm toned purple eyeshadow in matte finish all over your eyelid area. This step can be easily achieved using your fingers as we will be applying it all over the eye area. Then, pick a clean blending eye brush and soften the edges of the eyeshadow to create a natural and seamless finish. I have picked a warm purple eyeshadow from the Elf 144 eyeshadow palette.

Step 2: Define The Eyes Using An Eyeliner

Line your eyes in a slightly thick manner using a black liquid eyeliner. It is best to use liquid eyeliner for this step as it will help in achieving precise definition of the eyes to replicate the comic book eyes. I have used Kryolan black liquid eyeliner to achieve this step. Softly draw the eye liner and wing it out to create an illusion of wider and elongated eyes.

Step 3: Give A Deeper Eye Look

Use the same black liquid eyeliner and draw a sharp line tracing the natural crease area of your eyes. This will add dimension and give a deeper eye look.

Step 4: Define Your Waterline And Lower Lash Line

Line your waterline with a white or nude eye pencil to widen the appearance of your eye shape. It will make your eyes appear bigger. I have used a creamy nude eye Kajal from Oriflame. Then, use a black gel liner and define your lower lash line. I have used Maybelline Drama Gel eyeliner in black shade.

Step 5: Apply False Eyelashes

Apply false eyelashes to create an illusion of thicker eyelashes like the animated comic characters. Curl your eyelashes with a voluminous mascara. I have used Loreal Million Lashes mascara for this effect.

Step 6: Create Tears

Comic book characters are always with emotions, so I have created watery eyes to replicate the mood of the inspiration. I have used a blue liquid eyeliner and a bright blue eyeshadow and roughly created tears-like blob under the eye area. It is best to create an outline shape of tears and then fill it with the blue eyeshadow to achieve a neat finishing. I have used Maybelline hyper glossy liquid eyeliner in Turquoise and a bright matte blue eyeshadow from the Elf 144 eyeshadow palette.

Lip Makeup:

Step 7: Line The Lips

Start by lining your lips with a bright red lip liner. Here, I have used Faces Canada matte lip liner of true red shade.

Step 8: Fill Lip Color

Fill your lips with a matte or a glossy bright red lipstick. Here, I have used a bright red lipstick from Avon.

Step 9: Outline The Lips

Pick a matte dark black eye pencil and outline your lips to create a precise definition to your lips like the comic book characters. I have used the Lotus Herbals Kajal in black shade with a thin eyeliner brush to line the lips.

Step 10: Add Depth To Your Lip Makeup

Apply a matte black eyeshadow to the center of your lower lips to add depth to your lip makeup. I have used a matte black eyeshadow from the Elf 144 eyeshadow palette to achieve this step.

Step 11: Complete The Lip Makeup With White Eye Pencil

Use a matte white eye pencil or white eyeshadow and roughly draw a small white rectangle to the outermost area of your lower lips. I have used a white eye pencil from Lakme to complete the lip makeup.

And you are done!

Yes, now you are perfect to rock a fantasy party. You can try this simple makeup with vibrant colors to give up that comic look for the coming party. Have you got any more ideas to share on this type of makeup? Share with us through the below comment section.

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