Classy Hollywood Inspired Makeup Tutorial – With Detailed Steps & Images

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Hollywood—the land of dreams and beautiful people! Seems you are all set to step into Hollywood? I am sure you do! Who wouldn’t want to look Hollywood-perfect, after all? But how do you get that Hollywood look, now that is a million dollar question. Well defined, groomed eye brows with deep set crease look for eyes with bold red lips can make anyone weak at the knees. The Hollywood look is bold, polished, and intense, so it is definitely not for the weak hearted!

Hollywood Inspired Makeup Tutorial:

But the question remains—how do you get that perfect look? Yes, you got it right! With the help of our step by step classic Hollywood makeup tutorial! So, let’s head for Hollywood. Shall we?

Step 1:

A clean canvas is definitely required for art, it is the same for any makeup look too. So, let’s start by concealing all the under dark circles to highlight the eye area well. Use an eye cream before applying the concealer as it will help in hydrating the eye area and avoid any dry patches. Then, apply a heavy duty concealer to cover deeper eye pigmentation. Powder the eye area to prevent creasing of the concealer.

step one

Image : © Mqdee

Let’s begin with eye makeup. Start by applying a pale gold eye shadow in shimmery finish. It is best to avoid yellow gold eye shadow as it wouldn’t reflect Hollywood. Apply the eyeshadow in patting motions to obtain maximum color intensity. Start applying from the inner corner of the eye and stop the eyeshadow at the centre of the lid.

Step 2:

step two
step two
Image : © Mqdee

Use a medium brown shade and start defining the crease by imitating a wind shield wiper motion. Apply only small amount of the product to keep the look soft. Use a fluffy blending brush to achieve this step. Then apply a darker matte brown shade over the medium brown to create an illusion of deeper set eyes. Then use a clean blending brush again to remove the harsh lines in the makeup.

Step 3:

step three
Image : © Mqdee

Apply a shimmery pale highlighter shade to the inner most corner of the eyes to highlight the eye area. This step will bring more light to the eyes and make the makeup look appear lifted and balanced. Then, apply the same pale gold shimmery eyeshadow to the lower lash line, stop it half way of the eye lid and apply a darker matte brown shade to the crease at the outer most corner of the eyes.

Step 4:

step four
Image : © Mqdee

Apply nude creamy kohl to the waterline of your eyes. This step can be replaced with a brown or black kohl pencil too as it will not make a huge difference to the overall look. But, a white or cream color kohl eye pencil will make your eyes appear bigger and wider.

Step 5:

step five
step five
Image : © Mqdee

Curl your eye lashes with waterproof mascara and draw a dramatic winged liner to replicate the bold glam look inspired from Hollywood makeup. To create a dramatic winged liner, extend a line from your lower lash line in an angle connecting the two, then pull the line inward to create a small triangle and fill the triangular space created to finish the wing.

Step 6:

step six
Image : © Mqdee

Apply a full coverage foundation to conceal all the blemishes and get a flawless finish. Then, set it with a powder to prevent budging of the makeup. Apply a matte coral blush to your cheeks and also contour with a matte brown shade to lift your face for a healthy dimension. Then, apply a golden or champagne colored highlighter to the cheek bone area to highlight and give a healthy look to the skin.

Step 7:

step seven
Image : © Mqdee

Apply a bright red lipstick all over your lips to replicate the Hollywood glam and sexiness. You could stop the makeup here. Else you can take it to one step further by applying a deeper red shade only at the corners of the lips. Adding dimension, it will give an ombre-like effect to the lips. And you are done! Now, no one can stop you from wowing the crowd! This makeup look is stunning and will look gorgeous for parties, weddings and clubbing. So, are you ready to step out like a diva?

Do try this at home and come back to share your experience with us.

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