Easy 7 Steps To Do A French Pedicure At Home

Our feet are often neglected while we shower our face with all our attention. But unkempt feet can really bring your style quotient down a notch! And that is why you need to pamper your feet with regular pedicures. When it comes to pedicures, the French ones are absolutely beautiful. …

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Make Healthy Arabic Biryani Recipe

Healthy and Biryani, these two words don’t gel well. Right? But there are ways to make this mouth watering dish in somewhat a healthy way. Ingredients 1 medium carrot, chopped to small cubes. 1 medium potato, chopped to small cubes. 1 medium zucchini, chopped to small cubes. 2 large onions …

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What Is Iridology

Iridology, do you know what it is?  I had no idea before I actually looked it up and researched it and it is actually one fantastic way that doctors are using to diagnose diseases via the eyes.  Eyes are the windows to your soul right?  Well, that is the theory …

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Your Gene Regulations Responsible For Your Metabolism

In a discovery that holds promise for the understanding of many diseases, including cancer, researchers have discovered a new way by which metabolism is linked to the regulation of DNA – the basis of our genetic code. The DNA wraps around specialised proteins called histones in the cell’s nucleus. Histones …

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